About Us

CuraPodiatrics Care Pvt Ltd

The Company

CuraPodiatrics Pvt Ltd provides specialist solutions to Foot & Ankle problems under the Brand name CuraFoot. The Company’s primary focus is to improve long term foot care in India – whether they be for patients with medical conditions, sports people with injuries or those struggling with day-to-day foot problems like corns and calluses.


CuraFoot provides clinical services that diagnose lower extremity pain or discomfort for patients and other users. Experienced podiatrists consult and treat all foot and ankle related conditions.

Footcare Products

CuraFoot has partnered with leading technology providers to make custom insoles to treat patients with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Corns & Calluses etc. Apart from providing custom insoles & shoes, CuraFoot stocks leading foot care brands including OTC products, braces and orthotic insoles.


The founders of CuraPodiatrics Pvt Ltd have more than 100 years of combined global leadership experience across the healthcare spectrum including Orthopaedics, Home Health and Healthcare Supply Chain.