4 Reasons to See a Podiatrist

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4 Reasons to See a Podiatrist

4 signs its time to see a podiatrist

They say that you can have the whole world at your feet, but in order to do that, you need to take extra good care of your feet. Unlike various other parts of the body, the foot is one such body part that does not get the care it deserves. Also, the weather can get quite moody and keeps shifting between warm, cloudy, and cold.

This could create trouble for your feet and this time, your foot problem may persist for a longer while than you’ve imagined. So, is this the time to consult a Podiatrist? We think so! But not many feel comfortable to see a podiatrist and put off meeting them for as long as possible. Here are 4 reasons that make it vital for you to see a Podiatrist.

1. Persistent pain or swelling in the foot:

There can be occasions where your feet can become sore or tired because of any continuous activity or standing on your foot for a long while. But experiencing sudden pain or a swollen or numb foot for no particular reason can be a cause for concern. Tendonitis, a sprained ankle, a broken bone, or an infection can be some of the common causes. Don’t let your feet go through day-to-day pain and visit a podiatrist right away.

2. Strenuous physical activity:

If you’re going to be increasing your physical activity any time soon, this also becomes a good time to consider visiting a podiatrist. If you’re overweight and you plan on starting a rigorous exercise, or if you’re going on a new cardio regime, your podiatrist can identify any areas of concern and they can also suggest the perfect footwear that would suit your activity.

3. Ingrown Toenails:

One of the 4 reasons that you need to immediately see a podiatrist is something as simple as ingrown toenails. Initially, you might find them extremely annoying and distracting. But they can become infected and painful in a matter of seconds. While some prefer treating it on their own, it’s always better to consult a podiatrist if the ingrown toenail becomes infectious or causes swelling. Once you consult with a podiatrist immediately, it can be treated properly and doesn’t cause any damage to your toenail or the surrounding tissues.

4. Severely hurting callouses or corns:

Corns or callouses do happen every now and then. But it falls into the 4 signs, then you must not ignore and visit a podiatrist right away. A dramatic shift in your gait or the structure of your feet may be the reason for the reappearance of callouses and corns. This also becomes a major reason for you to immediately consult a foot specialist.

Don’t forget that a major chunk of your daily routine is possible only because you’re always on your toes—quite figuratively! This is also a core reason that when any of the 4 reasons mentioned above start to affect your foot, you need to immediately see your podiatrist and relieve your feet of all the pain and stress.


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