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September 6, 2019
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No Bad In Badminton


Badminton is a very popular sport that involves the use of a racket and it can be played by almost anyone, who can simply swing a racket. This is a game, which people of all ages can play. Playing badminton is not just fun but it comes with several physical as well as psychological benefits. These benefits entice anyone to consider playing this sport, who would like to develop their level of fitness or get themselves involved in a new activity. The more one plays, the fitter he or she becomes. There is a social element involved in playing Badminton as well because one requires an opponent to play against. This encourages one’s level of commitment to be at the top.

Benefits of Badminton

Badminton has certain exclusive advantage points that help to distinguish it from other sports. Let us briefly take a look into the benefits, which people can expect to enjoy while playing Badminton:

1. Helps To Gain Fitness:

In Badminton, the net usually sits at a height of 5ft. Hence the trajectory of the shuttlecock has to be a lot higher than those of ping pong balls, tennis balls and squash balls on each return. Moreover, as shuttlecocks do not bounce, so one needs to keep them in the air while at play, which means there is less time to think and higher hitting heights compared to other racket sports. Plus, one requires to exert more power that leads to the power build-up in the muscles, which makes them stronger, leaner and a lot fitter.

2. Keeps The Foot Nimble:

For playing badminton successfully, people need to be quick on their feet. Even if anyone is not nimble-footed, this sport can help to make one’s footwork extremely swift and flexible. Good footwork in badminton helps to make this game look graceful and effortless. This constant movement of one’s feet keeps it in good shape, thus maintaining proper foot health.

3. Aids In Weight Loss:

If one plays badminton for an hour, it can easily lead to the loss of close to 500 calories. This means that during playing this game, one can get a High-intensity interval training workout, which tends to push people to the limits. This means, a certain level of improvement comes through in their metabolism and leaves them burning calories for several hours even after leaving the badminton court.

4. Helps To Achieve Maximum Heart Function:

The walls of our heart can often get blocked because of high cholesterol levels. If one gets indulged in playing badminton, then this sport can help strengthen the heart muscles and let it function at the optimum level.

5. Lung Function Gets Improved:

One other advantage of badminton comes from the fact that it helps to improve one’s lung function quite drastically.

So, if one plays this sport, they can rest assured of keeping themselves out of many health problems. Right from overall fitness, proper heart function to maintaining foot health, badminton does it all.

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