Why NOT to Ignore Your Ankle Pain or Injury

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Why NOT to Ignore Your Ankle Pain or Injury

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Trust the Footcare Experts on this one:

Ankle Pain & Injury just do not fade away

It is true; ankles sprains are general and common lower limb injuries but do not neglect it thinking that it’s just a sprain. Because it could actually be something more serious like an undiagnosed bone fracture. In fact, two consecutive sprains could pose as a serious injury. Also, slight pains in the ankle could lead to complications such as ankle instability or arthritis if they aren’t allowed to heal properly.

Instant basic care is important post-accident and so is scheduling an appointment with a foot and ankle specialist soon afterward. You will know if the injury requires the attention of a doctor if your ankle is severely bruised or bleeding with visible signs of swelling and intense pain. These symptoms indicate ankle fracture and you must get to the hospital ASAP.

The cause could be anything and the effect complicated:

Ankle pains happen for a variety of reasons and sometimes guessing what’s causing the problem can feel like a puzzle. Always go for a professional opinion regarding such mysterious aches and pains. It is better than cooking up non-existent conditions. If you believe your condition is chronic and not the resultant of an immediate accident then we advise you to book an appointment with Curafoot Clinic at the earliest availability.

The term Ankle pain is often simply referred to pain in or around the ankle joint. Apart from obvious causes such as Sprains and Fractures, it could also be Tendon Inflammation or Arthritis. Both of these conditions can damage the ankle joint and stiffen it which makes moving your foot very uncomfortable. Another lesser-known Ankle Pain condition is Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. It is characterized by a pinching sensation in the nerves of the ankle and causes sudden piercing pain outside the joint.

Accidents and mishaps are unpredictable bargains of a busy active lifestyle, and you can be careful but you gotta live a life too. You cannot stop what you cannot foresee and which is why prevention is always the wiser option than cure. If you are prone to little clumsy crashes or if your activities include heavy physical performance and strain then you can take preventive measures to protect your feet and ankles. With healthier bones and supported feet, you are less likely to suffer from such injuries and conditions.

  • Make yourself stronger: Deficiencies can always worsen a condition and you should arm yourself with a diet that contains calcium, vitamin D and also include exercises to strengthen bone tissue.
  • Opt for Orthotics or Corrective Shoes: Believe it or not but good shoes and custom insoles can really have a positive impact in stabilizing your feet and ankles, especially if you are into sports and hiking.
  • Avoid trips and slips: Such small mishaps with kids are easily manageable but the older you get it becomes important to avoid the risk of falling down and breaking or spraining something. Anti-slip Insoles are a great help in these cases.
  • Rest and Compress: If you already did injure yourself somehow or if you have ankle pain for some unknown reason, it is best to stay away from excessive activity and rest your ankles as much as possible. Alternate cold & hot gel compresses can provide instant pain relief and also reduce swelling.
  • Keep it elevated: Prop up your feet and always try to keep your ankles in an elevated position while resting if they are hurting. This increases the circulation and takes away pressure from the ankles which accelerate the healing process.

We know it’s already been said but Ankle problems have to be taken care of, sooner the better. It will save you a lot of future trouble and health risks. Please contact Cura Foot Clinic for an appointment and get treated soon.


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