Apollo Clinic is the New CuraFoot Partner

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Apollo Clinic is the New CuraFoot Partner

apollo curafoot clinic

CuraFoot is an organization, which gets driven by quality and offers a wide range of orthotics, prosthetics and readymade products like insoles, customized shoe soles, etc.

Apollo Clinic, a renowned multi-specialty clinic, having its presence all across the country, is the new partner for CuraFoot. It helps in providing real state-of-the-art foot diagnostics along with foot care solutions and apart from custom insoles, this also includes the latest biomechanical foot assessment, custom insoles, diabetic foot care that gives complete foot care solution.

Categories of Products Offered:

When you visit Apollo Clinic in Kolkata for availing the services from CuraFoot, one can choose from several product categories:

Let us briefly discuss the above-mentioned categories:

Diabetic Foot Care:

When people suffering from the problem of Diabetes visit Apollo Clinic located at City Centre, Salt Lake Sector 1, CuraFoot can let them receive treatment for foot problems that they could suffer due to diabetes.

As part of the solutions provided by CuraFoot, there are diagnostic tests, orthotics and footwear applicable for diabetic patients. All these would help keep one’s foot health in perfect condition. They include:

  • Peripheral Neuropathy Test: This is a test conducted on diabetic patients for determining any loss of sensation to their feet.
  • Pressure Pad Test: By conducting this test, professionals can determine the exact part of the foot that is carrying excess weight. This can help them tackle foot ulcers along with other complications, which might occur from diabetes like foot amputation. They are made aware where the pressure points are in the foot and are fore-warned which may in later life lead to ulcers and eventually in maybe amputations. Hence one can take early precautions to save one’s foot.
  • Diabetic Socks: Curafoot diabetic socks help improve the circulation of blood in the muscles and assist in the faster recovery from fatigue and tiredness. The complete lining of the cushion is designed mainly for patients to experience easy walking in a pain-free manner.

Custom Insoles:

Custom insoles or in other words, Custom orthotics can benefit people in getting their skeletal structure realigned to a much-relaxed position, which in turn help to provide relief from leg, foot and back stress.

Bio-Mechanical Foot Assessment:

If people suffer from pain while walking, the ankles ache easily or knees tend to become sore while climbing stairs. At CuraFoot Clinic, the experts conduct a biomechanical assessment. Through this, the specialists study exactly how one’s foot functions and hence aims to improve the functioning of the feet and the way one walks.

Treatment For Common Foot Conditions:

CuraFoot, in association with Apollo Clinic, can treat different kinds of foot conditions which commonly affect the day to day lifestyles of patients. They include:

Foot problems can be quite frustrating for all those who suffer from them. We have discussed how CuraFoot in association with Apollo Clinic can come to the rescue by offering modern solutions to these issues which people tend to come across in their foot.

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