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Burning Feet

Burning Feet

Among the many foot-related issues that people face every day, Burning feet happens to be one of the most commonplace complaints. This syndrome does not specifically restrict itself to a specific age group. It affects individuals above 50, in most cases. As you must be aware, already, several symptoms manifest if you develop this disorder.

It is not always the result of any external injury. In most cases, the burning or painful sensation occurs without any wound or injury. For this reason, it is important to seek professional help. Diabetes is one of the most common conditions that cause a sensation of burning in the feet. Through proper diagnosis, it is possible to detect the underlying factor that causes this condition.

Nerve damage is also cause burning feet. This is a condition where nerve damage in an area of the body causes a burning sensation or numbness in the affected area. Listed below are some of the common causes

Causes of Burning feet

  1. Neuropathy or damaged nerve fiber.
  2. Alcohol abuse and Diabetes can also cause a burning sensation in the feet.
  3. Kidney failure and uremic neuropathy can cause tingling or burning sensation in the feet.
  4. Deficiency of Vitamin B 12 can cause this condition.
  5. Hypothyroidism or low levels of thyroid hormone can be manifested through symptoms like weight gain,
  6. Infectious diseases such as Lyme borreliosis may cause hypersensitivity. This results a burning sensation .
  7. Amyloid polyneuropathy is a condition where abnormal protein depositions around peripheral nerves may cause discomfort and burning sensation in the feet.
  8. Vomiting, shortness of breath, tingling sensation in hands and feet can be symptoms of heavy metal poisoning.
  9. Vasculitis or the inflammation of blood vessels may cause pain, weakness, and burning sensation in the feet and hands.


There can be underlying deases and hence, it may cause Burning Feet. Most of the causes create a condition of localized neuropathic pain in the feet. If the sensation persists, the affected person must be diagnosed by a primary care physician. The physician will probably check your medical history and the records of medication that you are using alongside the symptoms that you are experiencing. Through this, they will be able to prescribe the right tests, medication or recommend specialized medical treatment that would help alleviate the condition in feet.

In most cases, the underlying causes can be identified without any further testing. However, in some cases, diagnosis may require tests like

  1. Electromyography- An electrodiagnostic test that would evaluate the electrical activity in the skeletal muscles.
  2. Nerve conduction test- this test would examine the transmission of electrical impulses through the nerve. This identifies any complication with the nerves.
  3. Other laboratory tests would require the testing of blood or urine samples.

Based on these tests the physician may prescribe medication. They may also refer to specialized health care such as podiatric care or neurological care.


 Burning feet may not always be serious. Sometimes it may be a symptom of some other medical condition. Seek professional help, if the sensation persists.  

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