7 Benefits of Properly Fitted Shoes: Custom Made Shoes

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7 Benefits of Properly Fitted Shoes: Custom Made Shoes

7 benefits of proper fitting shoe

A morning jog, a run, a walk in the nearby park or a trek in the weekends…

What is common in all these?

The answer is simple. Foot comfort.

And to ensure foot comfort all of us need well-fitted orthopaedic shoes that are custom made for our requirements. Supportive footwear is almost imperative for the act of pronation, which is a kind of natural movement or action of the foot, rolling inward for impact circulation upon landing. Hence understanding the way your foot pronation works, helps us choose comfortable shoes which can either be custom made or usual orthopaedic ones. There are custom made shoes to cure the ailment of flat feet patients which are called flat feet shoes. Here we aim to discuss a few benefits of well-fitted shoes that help live a pain-free life.

1. Keep Your Feet and Body Happy and Pain-free:

Well-fitted shoes not only keep the feet happy but help people with back pains. Nearly 85% of the total population in India suffer from such ailments and issues and they impact people’s daily lives. Wearing proper supportive footwear, custom made for a particular requirement, especially, orthotic shoes make walking, jogging, trekking easier and reduce the chances of injuries.

2. Right Support and Maximum Comfort:

If you are obese and suffering from low back pain, exercise is a must for you. And for hassle-free long hours of exercise, lightweight orthopaedic shoes or custom made ones are most appropriate. While buying a new pair of shoes be aware and observant of the arch, the sole and the feel of the material. If the material is thick and soft, it’s more likely to offer optimal support. A good pair of custom made shoes that support proper pronation movements mean maximum comfort for your feet.

3. Regulation of Foot Moisture:

Our feet need air circulation just like our body. If they are locked in a shoe environment that is ill-ventilated and cumbersome, it is bound to cause discomfort and odour. Leather is a breathable material is combined with synthetic mesh. Hence custom made leather shoes make your walking or running experience much better. Try using shoes with mesh lining or waterproof lining for better ventilation and regulation of humidity for feet.

4. Keeping a Check on Smelly Socks and Shoes:

If shoes are not breathable, it generates perspiration on the feet which in turn gives birth to bad odour and smelly socks. Certain synthetic materials don’t allow shoes to breathe, giving birth to bacteria and fungi and bad odour. By choosing quality shoes to get rid of smelly feet.

5. Helping with Alignments and Pronation:

Feet come in many shapes and sizes. To side-step back pains and aching ankles, consider the shape and size of your feet while choosing your shoes. Remember that they should conform to the shape of your feet. Shoes must align not only to the width and length of the feet but to the intricate positioning of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons side-to-side (metatarsal) and lengthwise (longitudinal) arches.

6. Prevention of Injuries:

Shoes, even if they feel comfortable and do not show signs of wear, they might not be delivering enough support or shock absorption. That might lead to leg injuries of various kinds. Change your walking or running shoes when the outsole shows signs of wear to a good pair of pronation supporting shoes. They can be a form of alternative medicine for injuries of ankles, knees, hips and back.

7. Quality Shoes help to Save Money:

It is often said that orthopaedic shoes are expensive. But it actually helps us save a good amount of money by lasting for many more years than shoes of poor quality.

So keep your custom made Orthopaedic Shoes ready and plan the next trekking trip! Bon Voyage!

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