Can your feet tell you about your health?

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Can your feet tell you about your health?

It’s a well-known fact that the human body is a health barometer. In other words, one’s overall health condition can be detected and measured based on certain telltale signs on the body of a human being. However, it may be startling for anyone to know that the condition of one’s feet could reveal even more about the general condition of one’s health. Issues ranging from dry or flaky feet to numbing sensation for example ought to be attended to as these may be possible preliminary indications that may lead to complications later on if unattended. A few typical feet conditions are signs of diseases that one may have been affected by and therefore one ought to be aware and indeed alert.

DRY AND FLAKY FEET: THYROID ISSUES: Usually a moisturizer is a solution for dry and flaky feet but even after applying moisturizer if the dryness remains then that is an indication that the issue is with thyroid. In other words, the symptoms indicate that the person may be affected by a disease related to thyroid. Anyone affected by thyroid, would be prone to dryness of skin. Consulting a health expert is recommended in case one experiences severe dryness and flaky feet.

LOSS OF FUZZ: ARTERIAL DISEASE: If fuzz disappears then that is another that one’s feet reveals. The cause of loss of fuzz is peripheral arterial disease (PAD) affecting blood circulation. PAD is the cause of scant hair growth particularly on ankles and feet and could result in toes turning purple.

PAINFUL TOES: GOUT: If feet or toes hurt then that is a symptom of gout, which essentially is a form of arthritis usually affecting the big toe joints. The diagnosis or cure for a condition like this is flushing high uric acid accumulating in the blood stream. Those food items that have high levels of purine ought be avoided as a precautionary measure.

WHEN ULCERS DEVELOP ON FEET: DIABETES: Among the easily identifiable symptoms of diabetes are incurable ulcers. As a result of uncontrolled levels of glucose nerves and blood circulation are affected. Reports indicate that the initial symptom of diabetes is foot problems. In other words, those suffering from diabetes initially experience problems with their foot. Some of the other symptoms of diabetes are frequent numbing of feet and a tingling sensation.

RED AND TINY LINES mean HEART INFECTION: If tiny red lines can be seen below the fingernails or toenails, one ought to be cautious as one could be diagnosed with heart infection. As blood vessels rupture, that causes the tiny red lines also known as splinter hemorrhages. The reason behind this condition is Endocarditis, an infection in the lining of the inner heart. Anyone noticing red and tiny lines in ones’ feet ought to consult one’s doctor for a checkup of one’s blood pressure and heart rate.

CLUBBING OF TOES AND FINGERS: LUNG CANCER or HEART DISEASE: This is a symptom of lung cancer, heart ailment or chronic lung disease. As a result of an increase in blood flow to the small arteries in toenails and fingertips, toes and fingers could be clubbed which could lead to swelling and clubbing of toes and fingers.

HOLES OR GROOVES IN TOENAILS: PSORIASIS: If there are tiny holes or grooves in one’s toenails that one notices then that is a symptom that should not be ignored. It’s been observed that those suffering from nail psoriasis suffer from skin psoriasis as well. It’s recommended for those who have never suffered as a result of psoriasis but notice tiny holes in toenails, to consult a doctor immediately.

SPOONED NAILS: ANEMIA or LUPUS: If one is iron deficient, it’s an indication of hemochromatosis.  Conversely, if the body produces excess iron then that is a sign of Raynaud’s disease, affecting blood supply to toes and nails. Typically, infants are diagnosed with Ranaud’s disease and ought to be treated at a very young age.  Again, a doctor ought to be consulted as soon as the symptoms are nokkkticeable.

LINE UNDER YOUR TOENAILS: SKIN CANCER: If there is a dark and vertical line underneath one’s toenail, it could very well be an indication of acral lentiginous or hidden melanoma which is a type of skin cancer appearing on parts of the body that may not be visible to the naked eye. Experts are of the opinion that, this is essentially a line black in color appearing at the base of one’s nail. Consulting a doctor’s advice would be prudent.
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