Cause and risks of Athlete’s Foot

June 21, 2017
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October 7, 2017
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Cause and risks of Athlete’s Foot

Many of us have heard the term ‘Athlete’s Foot’ but how many of us know about term? Athlete’s Foot is also known as tinea pedis. Tinea pedis is a dermatophyte infection of the soles of the feet and the spaces between toes.

Athlete’s foot doesn’t restrict to people who plays sports or does physical exercise. This condition is contagious that spreads to the toenails and hands.
Anyone can get the disease by :

Walking barefoot to locker’s room or gym as it’s a common & easy way to get athlete’s foot.

Sharing footwear accessories like shocks, shoes that have been contacted with the fungus can cause the disease.

Wearing tight closed and sweaty shoes and shocks.

Symptoms of Athlete’s foot:

Dry skin, itching, redness of the feet are some common symptoms of athlete’s foot. These symptoms are evident in the skin between the toes.

Discolored fragile and tick toe nail.

Blister on the feet that itch.

Dry skin on the side of the feet.

Cracking or peeling skin of the feet which might occur bleeding also.

So now you are thinking how to prevent yourself from athlete’s foot?

Some simple cautiousness can get you rid of  tinea pedis.  As like other foot related problems Athlete’s foot is also curable. Air out your feet as much as possible.  Make sure to wear clean and dry shocks. Never exchange your shoes, shocks or towels with others as it is one of the ways to develop fungus on your feet. If you use public washroom or shower room then make sure to walk while wearing a sandal. If you suffer from sweaty feet then use talcum powder on your feet to stop them getting sweaty.


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