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Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic foot care treatment

Medical Foot Care for Diabetes Patients

Diabetes is a wide-spread generic disease that creates disorders in blood sugar levels and without proper treatment and cares it can cause many complications. The basic treatment simultaneously involves controlling blood pressure and maintaining a good foot care regime. In fact, the health of your feet cannot be ignored at all, if you suffer from it and apart from medications there are certain directions to be followed for the overall diabetic management.

  • A nutritious well-balanced diet, procured from a specialist, will help keep your blood pressure, sugar levels and cholesterol in check and this will go a long way in preventing any damage due to diabetes to your feet. Diabetic foot care treatment includes medical pedicure and regular visits to a foot doctor.
  • If smoking, stop immediately because it causes difficulty in blood circulation in the body. The presence of high levels of glucose in your blood already makes circulation difficult and added to that smoking may further make you lose sensation in your feet and lead you to amputation. Diabetic neuropathy is an essential diagnosis for diabetic patients and it must not be neglected.
  • It is absolutely necessary that you check your feet for cuts or wounds on a daily basis because of lack of sensitivity in the foot area. These wounds may also take some time to heal and recover since blood circulation is slow.
  • Cleanliness is of acute importance and the feet should remain free from any kind of infection. Cutting your toenails and dipping them in lukewarm water routinely will prevent the accumulation of dirt that you cannot always see. Try and avoid rubbing them on hard surfaces so as not to risk getting grazed or injured. Dryness, cracked skin, and ingrown toenails can be evaded through the application of moisturizers but it should be light so as not to make your feet damp and soggy. Diabetic Socks has anti-microbial properties that protect your feet and prevents any minor damage. If there is any kind of pain or discomfort that cannot be accounted for, immediately get a professional podiatric.
  • Always look out for shoes that fit well and are comfortable. An ill-fitting shoe or stockings and socks that are tight and restrict movement in your leg can cause damage to the nerves and also prevent the blood from circulating. It also increases the temperature and causes strain and sweat which is bad for the health of your feet. Avoid selecting shoes made out of artificial materials since they do not provide good support and induce sweating. New shoes often give blisters to your feet which should be treated in time before it gets worse and manifests into an infection. The best thing to do would be to look for diabetic shoes or custom insoles that are well suited to a diabetic patient.
  • Staying active is mandatory for a person affected by a diabetic disorder.

All the above pointers may give you a clearer perspective on what needs to be done to keep your diabetes in check and how to take better care of your feet if you are suffering from it but it is still eminently advised that you must take a diabetic foot assessment and consult a proper health care team who will tell you exactly what kind of activities to choose, how to maintain a proper diet and also prescribe you shoes to buy best suited to your needs.

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