Diabetic Foot Care: Risk Factor, Complications and Prevention

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Diabetic Foot Care: Risk Factor, Complications and Prevention

Diabetic foot Care

Like any other part of our body, our feet also work hard every day! While foot care is often relegated to the last spot on the list of body care priorities, people with diabetes are more susceptible to infections.

Diabetic foot is one of the common conditions that people with diabetes are at a high risk of. Let us now decode some of the risk factors and prevention for the above condition.

Risk factors Of Diabetic Foot

The common risk factor associated with the development of diabetic foot include:

Out of the above-listed factors Peripheral Vascular Disease and Neuropathy can be cited as the most common complications.

Peripheral Vascular Disease:

It is a blood circulation disorder that arises due to blockage in arteries mainly due to fatty deposits in the aortoiliac segment and the superficial femoral artery.

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This is another of the common condition which is usually characterized when nerves in the foot are damaged reducing the ability to detect pain which might lead to grave infections from a small wound.

Other complications related to Diabetic Foot are as below:

  1. Skin Changes: You may suddenly notice a certain change in the skin of your feet. The feet might dry up all of a sudden and feel chapped as the nerves that control oil and moisture stop working properly.
  2. Calluses: Calluses tend to build up faster in the case of a diabetic patient due to high-pressure areas under the foot.
  3. Foot Ulcers: In the case of some diabetic patients due to poor blood circulation to the feet, foot ulcers develop and lead to major infections.


The age-old saying of “Prevention is Better than Cure” can be implemented successfully in this condition. Even if it is a simple case of minor injury before it develops into a major infection, follow these five tips to steer clear of it:

  1. Inspect regularly and do wash your feet.
  2. Stay alert while trimming nails.
  3. Wear comfort shoes the fit you properly.
  4. Do not stroll around barefoot.
  5. Take proper medications to manage diabetes.

Apart from the above, it is also highly advisable to eat right, take medications on time and exercise regularly. And, in case of further complications think fast and act smart.

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