Diabetic Footwear Solution With Using Medical Grade Custom Orthotics

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Diabetic Footwear Solution With Using Medical Grade Custom Orthotics

Diabetic Footwear

Our feet work hard every day. They are like the support of our entire body structure. But sometimes it is seen that some ailments affect feet in polarizing ways. Diabetes is one of them.

Diabetes usually aggravates when the body does produce enough insulin and affects feet in many ways. While it slows down the healing of wounds, the blood supply is also obstructed which results in nerve damage.

Thus, footcare takes a paramount role when you have diabetes and it is even more important to have the right footwear. In this blog below, we will find out how custom orthotics provide the solution for diabetic footwear.

How Diabetes Affects The Feet and Lower Limbs?

Most of the time it is seen that people suffering from diabetes have a limitation in blood flow to the feet. This results in major complications that can arise from small injuries such as cuts or blisters.

Another handful of times it is also seen that due to existing nerve damage sensations in the feet are reduced. This makes it further difficult to sense the injury in the feet. These small impairments cause a small blister to become a major hazard when you suffer from diabetes.

How Custom Orthotics Are The Best Solution For Diabetic Foot?

The onset of diabetes starts a trail of foot care habits that has to be followed religiously. In some cases, poor foot care leads to very dangerous leg amputation.

Thus, to prevent all these issues it is better to go for custom orthotics. One thing is for sure that feet provide optimal support to the whole body. They are like the firm foundation on which our body stands and rests.

This is why for a person suffering from diabetes foot care is a must, and custom orthotics play a large part. What makes custom orthotics different is that they are manufactured based on the 3D cast of your feet.

Depending upon the activity level like walking, occupation, and other factors a podiatrist designs the custom orthotics for you. The footwear helps in the redistribution of pressure points along the soles and reduces areas of high pressure and friction.

Custom Orthotics today is considered the best solution for diabetes as they even prevent foot injury. At CuraFoot custom footwear is made to fit each and every Diabetic foot.

What Are The Other Benefits of Custom Orthotics?

As discussed earlier, there are many benefits of custom orthotics in diabetes. They not only protect your feet but also keep injuries at bay. Other benefits of custom orthotics are:

  • During the initial stages of diabetes, an insole is fitted into your shoes to prevent conditions from worsening.
  • Custom Orthotics prevent the formation of pressure sores inside the feet.
  • Over-pronation can also be mitigated with the help of custom orthotics. This is because orthotics distribute body weight equally which reduces foot pressure.
  • Calluses, ulcerations are prevented.
  • Blood circulation is optimized in the feet area.
  • Custom orthotics results in improved gait.

Apart from all these benefits, there are some precautions which one has to take during diabetes. They are:

  • Wearing shoes that fit properly.
  • Inspecting your feet daily.
  • If at all you have any sores, cuts, and skin discoloration, then treat it without any delay.
  • Use a mirror to examine the feet well.
  • Go for a routine foot check-up with a reputed Podiatrist.
  • Wash feet and maintain hygiene by using warm water and soap. Dry your feet with towels.
  • Use lotion regularly and trim the toenails.
  • Change your socks and avoid wearing loosely fitted shoes.


In a nutshell, what we are trying to say is foot care takes the prime concern when you suffer from diabetes. Foot problems cause common complications in the condition, which sometimes takes a devastating turn. At CuraFoot custom footwear is made to fit each and every Diabetic foot.

Thus, to prevent all these problems it is important to go for the right kind of footwear. Custom orthotics help you in that aspect as they protect feet from complications. At CuraFoot, custom footwear is made to fit each and every Diabetic foot.

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