Health Above All: A Guide to Basic Foot Care for Women

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October 4, 2018
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October 29, 2018
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Health Above All: A Guide to Basic Foot Care for Women

Women Foot Problems

In the present times, women have a variety of options in foot wear. From pumps, flip-flops, stilettos to flats—all of them are very fashionable shoes! Women have a tendency to select the trendiest and best looking shoes, generally ignoring the health of their feet and what it demands. The irony lies in the fact that pretty looking shoes often lead to unhealthy and unsightly feet.

Choose your Shoes Wisely

We don’t put much thought to it, but feet are the most important part of our body for mobility and if it pains or hurts we can possibly lose the freedom of movement and our entire body suffers. So when we get some indication of foot problem we should not neglect it, like we quite often do, and allow small foot pains to become bigger health risks. Hereditary foot deformities, workplace shoe restrictions, foot hygiene, unclean socks and shoes, bad shoe selection and busy lives add up to the foot problems faced by women, which is significantly higher than men. Women should pay more attention to their feet and avoid foot problems that can be alleviated with a little extra care. Both diabetic men and women are consequently prone to dry cracked heels and skin breakage, giving in to chances of skin infections. The prolonged time that diabetic feet take to heal is a risk to their general health.

The Bunion Problem

It is more likely for women to develop bunions than men over the course of their lifetime. It is a painful bony swelling or bump that develops on the external side of your big toe. Bunions result from pressure when the big toe is pressed diagonally into the other toes which compel the lower bones in the toe to extend, causing bunions. In such situations when it gets sore and inflamed bunion treatment becomes necessary. Foot and ankle products such as bunion shield or bunion sleeves can help you feel better. Some people may develop bunions due to the pes planus or flat foot condition. Since this happens over a period of many years, being aware of the problem and taking precautions is the best approach.

Hammertoes can cripple your toes

Another condition most commonly seen in women is Hammertoe. It occurs when a toe gets scrunched up or bent instead of lying flat. This again might be the result of wearing shoes that are too small or constructive. Wearing such badly designed shoes on a regular basis forces the toe or toes to curl up in order to fit into the shoe resulting in toe pain often as a result of in grown toenail. Muscular spasms may also cause hammertoes but this is rare.

Blisters give you ugly marks

Blisters are not as complicated and far easier to take care of. They generally form when the skin is in friction with the shoe. Ill fitting shoes which are stiff in texture are the main causes. Blisters usually happen when you put on a new shoe. It is more commonly known as shoe bite. However if it occurs regularly, then you definitely need to change the shoes, because either the size or the material is causing the friction. Forefoot gel cushions can effectively protect your skin from blisters that form under foot.

Medical Pedicure, Miracle Benefits

As it is, most women are basically on their feet all day, staying active and working for long hours which put their toes and ankles under a lot of pressure. In addition to neglect this excessive stress may encourage foot corns, calluses, and blisters. Women who work for extended hours, for example doctors and nurses, or people involved in the hospitality business and do their job by standing for long hours. Women who walk great distances or sports enthusiasts depend heavily upon the proper functioning of their bodies, especially the feet. They strain themselves physically and are exposed to unwanted external hazards. Excess stress in turn leads to pain in arch and heel spur ultimately resulting in conditions like plantar fasciitis. A foot doctor can give a proper diagnosis and help you identify the correct reason behind chronic foot pain or heel pain. Pollution combined with sweat gives rise to so many skin problems. Jogging and walking for long causes the skin to thicken as a result of extended pressure or friction on the feet. The trouble with foot callus is they form on the bottom of the feet and spread quickly. In the beginning they are not prickly or painful and hence we are not bothered about it. But overtime, the thickened skin breaks and gives way to skin infection. They can be assessed and treated at home. If you are suffering from a serious case of corns and calluses then you must opt for a Medical Pedicure as it provides expert treatment. A medical pedicure is generally conducted in a foot care clinic and provides services such as corn treatment or callus removal. Custom orthotics and custom made insoles can also help in alleviating foot corns and foot pain in the long run.


Comfortable and well ventilated shoes are important. Now that we know biomechanical predicaments causes foot problems it is wise to keep this in mind and correct the posture we stand, walk or exercise in. Avoid wearing high heels often as the overuse of heels can cause arch pain or heel pain. Always look for shoes with spacious toe boxes and attach metatarsal gel cushions into your shoes. For corns and calluses such orthotics can help reduce both the immediate pain and the likelihood of them forming. They work both as preventives as well as relief measures for foot problems.

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