Foot Ulcers – Why It Should Not Be Ignored

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Foot Ulcers – Why It Should Not Be Ignored

foot ulcer

Tips for Prevention and Treatment of Foot Ulcers

Foot ulcer affects people without any telltale signs or manifestation of the syndrome. Typically putting on a new shoe or walking for far too long could cause foot ulcer very quickly in the form of a tiny callus or blister on one’s foot.

If there is absolutely no sensation in the feet then that is an early sign of a foot issue. Continually walking with the same shoes on will result in sore feet and in extreme cases into a grave wound. No more than 10 percent of diabetics will invariably and are most likely to be affected by a foot ulcer according to podiatrists.

It’s a common occurrence that patients out of the blue see blood in their socks as they take them off and are clueless as to what caused the bleeding.

These types of ulcers cause the skin to decay, possibly as a result of damaged nerves of the hands and feet, also known as peripheral neuropathy which is the root cause of diabetes. Notwithstanding the fact that virulent ulcers can be dangerous and at times could potentially lead to amputation, as always, prevention is better than cure as the adage goes.

How to prevent Foot Ulcers?

The tips for preventing foot ulcers are:

Monitoring blood sugar levels is the most effective way of preventing diabetic foot ulcers. Uncontrolled glucose often causes neuropathy, which, in turn, may lead to loss of sensation in the feet and therefore a sore may not be noticeable. If the glucose levels are within the prescribed range then foot sores would heal faster and aid in keeping ulcers at bay.

Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to foot health and hygiene and for diabetics, in particular, it’s vital to pay close attention to one’s feet. Detecting a sore in the early stages and nipping it in the bud would allay fears of the sore turning into a serious issue over time further complicating matters. Since one cannot possibly see the bottom of one’s feet the only way one can though is putting a mirror on the floor and raising each foot over it. Alternatively, someone in the family could check one’s feet regularly.

Treatment of Foot Ulcers:

As regards the treatment of foot ulcers typically the wound is taken care of through debridement wherein unhealthy tissue is removed from the wound by a doctor which triggers the natural healing process of the body once again. The doctor would then dress the wound which needs to be changed regularly.

The wound would heal quickly if the affected part of the foot is relieved of any pressure as constant pressure would worsen the wound and delay the healing process. Therefore it’s more than likely that one would put on a cast, surgical shoe or boot to facilitate hastening of the healing process.

Even after a month, if the ulcer hasn’t healed or subsided or if one has a bone infection, one’s doctor may recommend far more advanced therapies including

  • Living cellular skin substitute,
  • A hyperbaric oxygen therapy basically entails inhaling pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber to facilitate healing.


Why are foot ulcers so grave?

The foot’s soft tissue is unlike any other tissue on other areas of the body. Therefore an infection can rapidly spread affecting the muscle and bone. Infection along with poor blood circulation exacerbates the already existing complications.

The infection may turn out to be the root cause or necessitate an amputation eventually. Therefore consulting a doctor is absolutely essential if there is any inkling of a foot ulcer at all.

A doctor would usually require that an X-ray and perhaps an MRI be done if the ulcer is deteriorating to the point that it’s susceptible to bone infection. The bottom line is If anyone is affected by a foot ulcer then one ought to keep one’s blood glucose levels within the prescribed range and consult one’s doctor regularly.

Dressing and treatment of a wound instantly are vital because as the wound lingers untreated there are slim chances of the wound healing at all. Immediately a doctor’s advice must be followed. One ought to visit a podiatrist for a routine checkup of one’s foot health.

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