How to Deal with Foot Odor in Daily Life

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How to Deal with Foot Odor in Daily Life

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As we all know, foot odor can be annoying and embarrassing at times, but it always can be an indication of something more serious. Foot odor primarily originates from the poor ventilation of your feet. The majority of the time, people who wear closed-toed shoes along with socks for a longer duration of time are prone to this kind of problem. But, don’t you worry, if you are suffering from foot odor, this article has just the right remedy for you.

Self-Care Tips for Daily Life to Deal with Foot Odor

Believe it or not, nobody likes smelly feet and in order to deal with all those awkward situations, down below are some of the self-care tips that you can follow regularly:

1) Wash Your Feet Everyday with Soap and Water

While occasionally, you can pamper your feet with luxurious pedicures, but for the majority of the times, it all comes down to occasional cleaning. Now, if you want to take care of your feet in the right way, it is always advised to incorporate the cleansing ritual into your daily bath while making sure that no adherent dirt or debris is left behind.

2) Keep Your Feet Dry

Moisture is one of the biggest reasons for foot odor. Generally, damp or moisture feet become the breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn causes odor and several other feet related diseases. In order to keep your feet dry, you can always use talcum powder followed by air-drying so that all the remaining moistures are absorbed by the powder.

3) Wear Clean and Dry Socks Everyday

Whether you blame our lazy behavior or something else, but for the majority of the time, an average person tends to repeat their socks more than two times in a row. This is where the sweat gets trapped and results in foot odor with the course of time. One pro tip, especially for the people who sweat a lot, one should change their socks more the once in a day.

Further including, while looking out for buying socks, always ask for something that is natural as well as made out of skin-friendly fabric. While your initial choice might be something made out of cotton or wool, but they often tend to absorb the sweat resulting in trapping the moisture within the feet only. Search for something made out of acrylic fiber so that you can wick the sweats away from your skin.

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4) Use Multiple Shoes in a Week

Even after changing your socks on a regular basis, the sweating persists, make sure to wear different shoes on consecutive days. In this way, you can let the shoe you had worn the previous day to dry and discard all the moistures.

Wrapping Up

While drawing a conclusion to the article, it is very important to understand that if you follow all the above-mentioned steps properly, you can remove your foot odor to a certain degree. That being said, if you are still suffering from excessive sweating, making sure to book an appointment from the best in class podiatrists here at CURAFOOT.

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