How to Get Relief from Bunions without Surgery

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How to Get Relief from Bunions without Surgery

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Out of all the comforting things that you can find, good footwear is one of the most underrated things. When you have some of the most comfortable footwear, but what’s really stopping you from wearing them is bunions. That large bump at the base of your big toe can be painful and makes you really uncomfortable. But, don’t worry. You don’t have to undergo surgery to get relief from bunions. Here are some effective ways to get relief from bunions without surgery.

Apply ice to Reduce Pain:

When you experience excruciating pain on your feet due to bunions, ice can soothe your feet. It can help reduce inflammation and any other soreness. Just wrap ice with a cloth and place it on the bunion. Place it over the bunion for 10-20 minutes and repeat in 1-2 times a day.

Try Walking Barefoot for Relief:

Giving up your shoes and simply walking barefoot can be peaceful. This strengthens the muscles of your feet and returns the toe bone to its original place. Not only do you get relief from bunions without surgery, but you can also give up on that uncomfortable footwear. For starters, you can walk on the carpet at your home, then slowly walk on plain ground.

Castor Oil as a Remedy:

Known for its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, Castor oil helps reduce inflammation and pain that can work on your bunion and treat it effectively. Heat some castor oil on the pan and use a warm cloth to dip it on your bunion. Hold it around for 15-20 minutes and you’ll get immense relief.

Use a Bunion Corrector:

You can easily find a bunion corrector either online or in the market. Bunion corrector prevents your foot from constantly grazing caused due to your footwear and reduces the inconvenience of wearing shoes. It also settles the toe to its original position and is a great remedy for your bunion trouble.

Manage Your Weight:

Sometimes, getting relief from bunions can be simple, provided you take care of your weight. Excess body weight can put immense pressure on your feet, and if you have bunions, it can be extremely painful. So, exercise as a daily routine, eat healthily and maintain a clean lifestyle and you’re sorted.

Buy Shoe Inserts for Comfort:

A bunion causes your feet to be aligned in an improper way. Using shoe inserts help you position your foot accurately and give your feet the arch support it needs.

Purchase Good Footwear:

Good-Fitting footwear can help you gain great relief from bunions without surgery. You should ideally buy footwear that’s broad in the toe area. So, ensure that you shop at a store where the staff measures your feet and suggests you footwear that’s a perfect fit for your feet.

Bunions can be painful, but applying the right remedy at the right time can be helpful. These suggestions may not be permanent but they can offer great relief. Try the remedies as suggested above and we’re sure that you’ll experience relief from bunions without surgery.


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