Cricket or Feet: What comes first? | ICC World Cup Fever

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Cricket or Feet: What comes first? | ICC World Cup Fever

Cricket or Feet

Do you feel that?

Can you sense it in the air surrounding you?

Wondering what we’re talking about? Well, we’re talking about the fever that’s gripped the entire nation. The ICC World Cup fever! If this isn’t big, then we don’t know what is. While the Indian team battles it out in England, there are countless others in India who have taken over the grounds, lanes, and other smaller roads to practice their cricketing shots. But more crickets means putting more pressure on your feet. So, if it comes down to choosing between your feet or cricket—do you really have to choose? We don’t think so! With the right balance and care, you can have both.

Here’s how you can manage your love for cricket and take care of your feet.

Cricket can affect your feet—in a major way

Not just cricket but sports like cycling, football, hockey and running demands a lot from your feet. Comprising of toes, muscles, ankles, ligaments, tendons—the impact on your feet can be major. Although injuries while playing cricket can happen quite often, it’s important to tend to those injuries on time.

Potential issues caused due to this sport

  • Ingrowth of toenails: This can cause redness and swell at the side of your toes that is accompanied by discharges
  • Fungal nail infection: When a nail is partially lifted and goes untreated, it causes fungus to grow that causes fungal infection
  • Lower back pain: A stark pain on your lower back may be due to poor gait during actions like bowling or fielding
  • Plantar fasciitis: Considered to be one of the most common foot injuries, the pain is caused due to tearing under the skin and can be a mild or a severe pain
  • Retrocalcaneal tendonitis: This condition causes discomfort in the heel area and may spread to the back of the leg
  • Pain in the heel: Not uncommon among injuries, heel injury is caused when you’ve overexerted your feet. It can also be a common pain caused due to immediately getting up after some rest or your shoe being worn out completely
  • Pain on the outside of an ankle: A sudden pain occurring due to landing poorly during your bowling spell or ill-fitting of your shoe.

We know that with the ongoing ICC World Cup, the cricket fever is not going end anytime soon. But these useful tips can ensure that you have healthy feet to play cricket.

  • Wash your feet regularly and dry them. Trim your toenails and always moisturize your feet.
  • Switching socks during a game can protect you from an infection.
  • Wear comfortable footwear in which you can wiggle your toes.
  • Check inner soles regularly for any excess wear that can cause damage to feet.
  • In case you feel, you feel there’s still some pain in your feet, immediately seek professional help.
  • Let’s play good cricket, injury-free cricket, celebrate this game for its sportsman spirit, and amidst all this let’s hope India brings home the ICC World Cup trophy.

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