April 9, 2019
Bunion Foot

7 Important Facts About Bunion Foot Problems

A study by Arthritis Care & Research discovered that more than one in three older people had at least one bunion foot problems. But, before we […]
March 1, 2019
sports injury

Most Common Sports Injuries Affecting Your Foot

People of all age groups in increasing numbers have been following the advice of orthopedic surgeons and have taken a liking to exercise for the assured […]
February 15, 2019
Back, Hip & Knee Pain

Your Feet May Be The Cause of Back, Hip & Knee Pain

Chronic pain typically affects hips, knees, lower back and neck and lingers for several months as the patient does not respond to ongoing treatment at all. […]
February 8, 2019
heel spur

Foot Pain and a Calcaneal Spur Isn’t One and The Same

Walking can cause heel pain and it’s easy to assume that the root cause of the pain is Heel Spur. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. […]
February 1, 2019
corn callus

Why Do Corns and Calluses Form? How You Can Prevent them and What is the Treatment?

Corns and calluses are among the commonest foot conditions that the vast majority of adults suffer from at some stage during their lifetime. Although often categorized […]
January 25, 2019
foot care

Take Care of Your Feet & Your Feet will Take Care of You

Foot Disorders & Care One’s foot is a vital human organ needing tender loving care as one’s very mobility or erect position for a fair amount […]
January 18, 2019
medical pedicure

Experience the Magic of Medical Pedicure

Pamper Your Feet with a Pedicure A pedicure is essentially a foot treatment or therapy removing dead skin, softening hard and thick skin and shaping and treating toenails. […]
January 11, 2019
3D Insoles for healthy lifestyle

3D Foot Orthotic Insoles: The Latest Health & Fitness Trend

Based on 2017 projections the global market for foot orthotic insoles was worth $3 billion and speculations are rife as market analysts are anticipating a growth […]