Pedal Promise – Stay Fit (Cycling and Foot Health)

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Pedal Promise – Stay Fit (Cycling and Foot Health)

foot pain during cycling

Cycling is more than just mere fun. It is an extremely effective way to keep oneself in shape and also improve cardiovascular fitness. Moreover, cycling also helps to keep the foot health in proper shape. The pedalling, which is the basis of this particular activity of cycling, assists greatly to keep the blood circulation going on appropriately in the legs. The invention of the chain-and-pedal system, the wheel crank and steering gets attributed to several Europeans.

The Link Between Feet And The Pedals:

The selection of a bicycle that would help meet the specific needs of individuals is extremely important. Besides this, having proper shoes is the most important piece of equipment that people require to possess for cycling properly.

Let us look into the importance of shoes for cycling:

  • The shoes, which one should use for cycling, must have a stable shank. This will help to transfer power from one’s feet to the pedals in an efficient manner.
  • Usually, there is a lack of shank support as far as the sneakers are concerned, due to which, they allow the foot to collapse through the arch while pedalling.
  • Thus, one should only wear those shoes, which are particularly meant for cycling purposes. Otherwise, the collapse of one’s foot through the arch might cause arch pain or cause problems in the tendon.
  • A rigid shank would help protect one’s feet from the stress caused out of pedalling.

Ideal Shoes For Cycling:

It is always preferable to invest in shoes specifically meant for cycling, especially if a person had prior problems with their feet.

The different types of shoes, which cyclists can opt for, by keeping the foot health in mind include:

  • Wider And Deeper Shoes: All those riders with bunions must choose shoes, which are wider and deeper, which would help accommodate the deformity.
  • Cross-Training Shoes: Cross-training shoes will be ideal for all those casual riders, who do not suffer from foot problems. These shoes help in providing the much-needed support across the arch and instep in a shoe, which can be used for other purposes as well. They even provide a lift to the heel, which cycling shoes provide.

Tips On Foot Protection For Cyclists

The foot plays a crucial role for cyclists as it is the only basis through which one can do pedalling. So protecting the foot is of utmost importance. Let us take a look into some of the tips on foot protection. They include:

  • Wear those cycling shoes that provide room for your toes
  • The riding position must be less aggressive as wrong positioning can lead to foot numbness, tingling or even intense pain.
  • Keep away from wet shoes or socks as they can lead to foot sores, which in turn create a very uncomfortable situation on one’s bike.


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