Simple Tips to Fight Flat Feet

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October 7, 2017
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Simple Tips to Fight Flat Feet

Simple tips to fight flat feet.

It is said that in India 20 to 25 percent of the population are flat-footed.  Flat foot is an orthopedic condition of the feet where the inner curve of the heel and toe are missing. This condition is often genetic. Patients who are suffering from flat feet can often experience soreness at the ankle. One can experience no.of changes in foot & ankle when the posterior tibial tendon doesn’t work properly. When the tendon gradually fails ankle & foot deformity occurs which includes flattening of arch, forefoot deformity, tightening of the achilles tendon, arthritis, development of ankle and joint deformity.

Treatments of flatfeet depend on the patient’s symptoms and conditions of deformity. Some smart tips to fight with flat feet :

  1. No matter what type of flat feet you have, shoes with good arch support provide some benefits or it can provide total relief to your foot. Avoid fully level shoes or shoes with higher than 2.4 inches heel as it puts too much pressure on the heel.
  2. If you don’t have rigid flat feet and spends a lot of time while standing or walking then get a customized insole as it will provide better biomechanics.
  3. Give little pressure on your foot this helps to relax tight Achilles tendon and increases blood flow to the bottom of the feet. Roll your soles with a tennis ball.
  4. Stand on your toe for 30 seconds and then stand normally. Repeat this exercise at least 20 times a day or else point out your toes for both the feet at the same time for about 10 seconds and rest it for 5 seconds and again repeat. Do the exercise for at least 20 times.
  5. Forgetting the best result visit a nearby podiatrist who can guide you properly by doing foot assessment.

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