Take Care of Your Feet & Your Feet will Take Care of You

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Take Care of Your Feet & Your Feet will Take Care of You

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Foot Disorders & Care

One’s foot is a vital human organ needing tender loving care as one’s very mobility or erect position for a fair amount of time depends on the health of one’s feet. This in itself can cause stress on the feet which may be further exacerbated by putting on ill-fitting shoes. Therefore pampering of the feet is essential. People could be experiencing a host of foot disorders including heel pain, blisters, corns and calluses.

Fungal infections:

Amongst a host of foot disorders, fungal infections are the most commonly occurring foot disorder. The tell-tale signs or symptoms of a fungal infection include discoloration of thick nails that turn yellow and brittle and eventually may break and come off, lock, stock, and barrel. There is an array of options for treating fungal nail infections based on the acuteness of the infection.

Athlete’s foot:

Fungi growing on the top layer of the skin cause athlete’s foot as well. They grow well in places that are warm and moist or between the toes areas that are usually affected. Included in the symptoms of athlete’s foot are cracked, swollen, blistered skin which is one type of athletes’ foot. An itchy, scaly, flaky, dry and red rash between the toes is also symptomatic of athlete’s foot. Effective and recommended treatments for athlete’s foot are essentially antifungal creams, powders, and sprays that dry quickly. A pharmacist or a healthcare advisor ought to be spoken to, to figure out the personalized treatment with optimal effectiveness.


Blisters are a common foot disorder. Ill-fitting shoes may cause skin irritation or damage resulting in blisters. One particular prescribed treatment for blisters is using special blister plasters that render healing time.

Heel pain:

Among the symptoms of foot pain, one symptom is that the heel would hurt which is indicative of plantar fasciitis causing irritation and in turn, inflammation of the tough tissue band that bridges the heel bone to the toes in extreme cases. In the morning when one wakes up and gets out of bed is when it hurts badly and the pain can be felt in one’s heel or in one’s arch.

The causes of foot pain are heel spurs where abnormal bones grow underneath one’s heel. One can easily be affected as a result of ill-fitting shoes, abnormal gait or posture or from sprinting. Whether one is walking or standing the Spurs may hurt regardless. The vast majority of people are affected by Spurs however it’s not painful in most cases. Painful heel spurs are likely to occur in people with flat feet or high arches. The remedies are

  • Putting on a heel pad cutout
  • Using a bespoke insert known as an orthotic which is worn in the shoe
  • Putting on well-fitting shoes with shock-absorbing soles
  • Take over-the-counter painkillers
  • Using foot-rest
  • Physical therapy


Bunions are essentially enlarged toe joint causing pain as a result of shoe pressure or joint damage occurring within. The growth of the bunion can be slower or stopped completely as a treatment for the eliminating pain without surgery. Customized orthotics have proven to reduce bunions.

Hammer Toes:

Rather than being straight if the toes wrinkle and are upward or downward bending then that is a foot condition commonly known as hammer toe. With time and in extreme cases, hammertoes may worsen with time and the only treatment is surgery.

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