Your Feet May Be The Cause of Back, Hip & Knee Pain

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Your Feet May Be The Cause of Back, Hip & Knee Pain

Back, Hip & Knee Pain

Chronic pain typically affects hips, knees, lower back and neck and lingers for several months as the patient does not respond to ongoing treatment at all. In all likelihood, the pain one experiences at any given point in time and one’s feet movement may be unrelated. Abnormal foot mechanics or asymmetrical gait often affects the knees and back. A back, hip or knee pain lingering for weeks may be worrying or a cause for concern particularly when the patient has undergone traditional treatment somewhere else.

Are your feet causing Back Pain?

Gait disorders and high-intensity workouts may often result in back pain. Notwithstanding the fact that there are multiple effective treatments including spinal manipulation, physical therapy, therapeutic injections or even surgical procedures can be carried out for back pain; physicians in greater numbers these days optionally recommend custom-made foot orthotics.

There are quite a few conditions contributing to back pain while sprinting and they are flat feet, high arches, over-pronation or under-pronation, unequally long legs, a rough pelvis so on and so forth. For instant relief, reducing the distance one walks or runs could be a good starting point.

On the brighter side, if back pain is usually caused as a result of foot movement abnormality while running, oftentimes it can be corrected by applying custom-made orthotics or a prescribed insole providing extra padding and stability.  

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Are your feet causing Knee Pain?  

There might be instances of a certain type of foot movement of patients resulting in knee pain. Abnormal foot functions can be rectified though, providing relief to knee pain. The structure of the knee is such that it bends in one direction only — with the knee straight and forward facing. However, excessive pronation would lead to the leg gravitating in the direction of the opposite leg. The knee then functions as it points inward. Every step one takes in this position would be stressful for the knee.

If foot mechanics is the cause of one’s knee pain a few handy and simple solutions are available including changing one’s shoes, OTC arch supports or custom-made orthotics. Awareness about how foot movement may be affecting one’s chronic knee pain is vital.

Gait analysis for Back and Knee Pain

Through an evaluation of possible gait abnormalities, it’s ascertained whether or not gait abnormalities are indeed causing chronic musculoskeletal pain. Its further evaluated as to whether or not foot pain could possibly result in back & knee pain. Specialists groomed in biomechanics; a specialized area of medical science related to motion and posture of humans, dynamically and statically test patients.

Custom-made Foot Orthotics and Shoes

One’s feet get the much-needed support from foot orthotics or insoles reducing knee or back pain caused by the mechanical abnormalities. Each and every foot movement is different and only through a gait analysis and other tests thoroughly done, can real-time data be compiled creating the optimal and bespoke orthotic solution on a case by case basis. Shoes and insoles/orthotic support are integral to any biomechanical treatment plan.

If you are experiencing chronic knee, hip or back pain please contact CuraFoot Clinic for an appointment. It could be a biomechanical problem that needs evaluation and custom shoes or insoles.

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