Why Foot Examination in Diabetes is Important

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March 31, 2020
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Why Foot Examination in Diabetes is Important

Foot Examination

Our Feet is one of the essential parts of our body. This is one of the significant elements for whom we are dependent. We can’t walk or move without the help of our feet. It might not be considered vital at the initial stage of life, but foot care is essential for people of all age groups. Recent surveys have revealed that in our country, more than 60 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes and more than 2 million suffer from a common ailment known as diabetic foot. Hence it becomes significant for people suffering from the disease to have their feet examined and checked up regularly.

The diabetic foot has a huge probability of spreading and affecting the entire pair of feet in a very short span of time. Sometimes the symptoms might not be visible at the first stage, but once the condition starts to worsen, then there is no stopping. There are many risk factors associated with the condition like Peripheral Vascular Disease and Diabetic Neuropathy. While the former is associated with conditions like poor blood circulation, deposition of fat in arteries, and development of ulcers, the latter is constituted of factors like nerve damage, the inability of a wound to heal fast, and a lack of primary sensations in foot.

Diabetic foot, when it takes hold over the feet, is challenging to cure. The result is skin changes, calluses development under the feet, and foot ulcers. Therefore, doctors all around the world suggest getting the first-hand treatment along with foot examination at the nascent stage of diabetes. CuraFoot is a leading health care provider that provides various foot care services that serve as a cure for Diabetic Foot. The services range from Diabetic Neuropathy Testing, Diabetic Foot Preventive Care, Diabetic Pedicure, Podometry, Physiotherapy for foot alignment and foot issues. CuraFoot has a team of experts and renowned doctors to provide the care and consultation to all the patients. With the top-rated services, it becomes very easy to get foot examinations done at the comfort of home and prevent the condition by keeping it in check.

We all have heard about the age-old saying of “Prevention is Better than Cure” many times in life. Foot care and examination in the initial stage of diabetes acts as an antidote to the condition. Even if the case is very simple and of minor injury, getting feet checked up on a regular basis by opting for the services that help the condition from worsening. Also, the people who have diabetes can follow these necessary steps like washing feet regularly, staying alert while trimming nails, wearing correctly fitting shoes, avoid walking barefoot and take proper medications for managing diabetes. These all steps, along with appropriate foot examination, definitely help to curb the impact of the disease to a greater extent.

At CuraFoot, we believe in taking proper care of the condition with expert guidance and effective treatment. The Podiatric care services given by us are the best as we invest effort in keeping your feet healthy. Always remember we are there for you at each step, and you must think fast and act smart.

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