Why You Should Know The Bio-mechanics of The Foot

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Why You Should Know The Bio-mechanics of The Foot

Biomechanics of The Foot

Our feet form the root connection between the body and the ground. It is the main support system of the entire frame and also is part of the gait movement.

But as we age you must have noticed that foot biomechanics tend to change. This alteration also affects the movement and structure of the feet. Intrinsic and extrinsic muscles become weak and foot deformities also start to develop.

Thus, it is very important to know the biomechanics of the foot. With the help of a thorough diagnosis, one can easily go ahead and treat the various deformities that arise in feet.

What Exactly is Biomechanics of The Foot?

Feet might look alike from the outside, but they are not exactly the same. Some of us might have feet that are angled in a certain way, while others could have fallen arches.  It is where biomechanics come into play. Biomechanics is the understanding of the muscles on the skeletal structure of the feet.

It is very important to have a proper diagnosis of the biomechanics of the foot. Poor foot biomechanics can alter the alignment of knees, pelvis, hips, and spine giving rise to pain and discomfort. There are many other factors also which contribute to the biomechanical pain in the foot like:

  •       Unusual Foot Shape
  •       Abnormal foot alignment
  •       Trauma
  •       Obesity
  •       Poor footwear choices

What Are The Various Treatments For The Foot Biomechanics?

Apart from the regular physiotherapy sessions which are a must for correcting biomechanics of the feet, there are other treatments also. Curafoot has also commenced the use of custom insoles and custom footwear.

Customized insoles or footwear help in distributing the pressure on the feet evenly. They are specially designed to minimize the extent of the foot ailments. Custom insoles also provide the necessary support to the foot arch. They also help in preventing the over-pronation of the feet.

The custom-orthotics absorb the shock caused by movement and act as a cushion for the feet. Regular foot exercises also help mitigate the condition.


From the anatomy of the feet to deformity every problem can be treated with the help of a good podiatrist. Curafoot is a one-stop foot care solution that offers the right kind of treatment for your feet. They have foot care products, custom footwear and therapeutic services which take care of your feet and help you with gait intricacies.

Thus, for all those who need a universal solution regarding foot problems, Curafoot is the best foot care solution to rely on.

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