Treat Your Feet Right at This Winter

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Treat Your Feet Right at This Winter

Winter Foot Care Tips:

Then something changed, a few years back, I guess I grew up. I started noticing that at the onset of every winter, dust and smoke got the better of me. I coughed and wheezed more intermittently, suffered from parched skin and my feet; no matter what I did, always became dry and flaky. So many winter foot care articles advised oil therapy and wrapping up your feet at all times. It helped, but only a little, and only for a while. Here’s a list of what really does help:

1. Trap moisturizing nutrients with heel gel protectors

The thing about basic oil is, it takes a deep massage to seep into your skin and in this case, only a foot specialist can be relied on for a more lasting solution.

Winter skin can get much depleted of moisture and essential nutrients making it brittle when exposed to harsh weather. Especially due to lack of proper foot care, our feet suffer from excessive dryness during the cold months which breaks the skin causing corns and calluses. This in turn gives way to ugly scars and blisters on the feet and we try to cover up as much as possible.

But we have got to let our feet breathe sometimes, or humidity and dirt can cause other foot problems. A medical pedicure takes care of all such foot related issues and provides immediate relaxation and wondrous relief from foot arch pain. This procedure includes deep cleansing and intensive moisturization making your feet healthy and happy.

2. Trap moisturizing nutrients with heel gel protectors

Another great everyday solution is to keep your heels away from and well moisturized with heel gel protectors that are so soft and cushiony, it actually de-stresses your feet and aids you to have a restful sleep.


3Opt for anti-microbial socks for all-around protection

Fungal or bacterial infections in toenails are more common at this time of the year because the nails become dry and brittle. For those who have a tendency to incur such infections due to the cold damp season, anti-microbial socks are best suited for you. It keeps excess sweat and moisture in check while also keeping your feet warm and guarded.


4. A winter must-have for people with diabetes

It is a widely accepted medical advice to all people suffering from diabetes that they must take utmost precaution to keep their feet clean, protected and hydrated at all times, and particularly during winter, or face probable foot amputation in the future.

Diabetic socks and dry medical pedicures are extremely helpful for people suffering from this condition during the harsh winter months. If you are living with it, you already know that diabetes adversely affects the nerves and the healing system. This causes decreased blood circulation, chiefly in the lower half of the body due to which there is a deficiency in the moisturizing glands.

Both diabetic men and women are consequently prone to dry cracked heels and skin breakage, giving in to chances of skin infections. The prolonged time that diabetic feet take to heal is a risk to their general health.

We can never achieve desired results through haphazard methods. Choose and buy only what is best for your skin condition and health issues. Excess weight gain among women or pregnancy puts additional stress over the feet causing Plantar Fasciitis. This mild or severe pain can be prevented by soft and supportive insoles. The little attention we pay to our body goes a long way in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So while it may be tempting to stay in and hibernate this winter, make sure you keep up with those podiatry visits and revive yourself.

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