5 Simple Yoga for Pain-Free Foot

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5 Simple Yoga for Pain-Free Foot

yoga for foot pain

Problems with regard to the foot can be quite common for people. Simple yoga therapies can assist in soothing as well as strengthening one’s sore feet.

The importance of Yoga can easily be ascertained from the fact that World Yoga Day gets celebrated on 21st June every year.

Let us look at five simple yoga one by one for pain-free foot:

1. Samasthiti With Rolled Mat:

  • One must lift his or her heels one at a time and place both heels on a rolled up part of a mat so that the heels get support from the mat.
  • Then, the person must stand up tall and bring their palms to meet in front of their chest. Press down through the balls of the feet and make the quadriceps firm. The lower belly must remain engaged.


2. Revolved Single-Leg Forward Fold Variation:

  • Start off this Yoga in a wide-leg forward fold. Crawl on the hands to the right by turning on feet.
  • One must continue to crawl on the hands to the right till right leg crosses over to the left and the person is on the outer edges of the feet.
  • Reach out for the big toe portion of the foot to the ground, so that the whole feet is on the ground.
  • Massage the top of the right foot.
  • This is one of the most simple yoga therapies.


3. Bound Angle Pose With Foot Massage:

  • Remain seated and bend the knees wideout on the two sides. Then take the soles of your feet together around 1 to 2 feet in front.
  • Hold the ankles and inhale greatly. Then lunge the torso forward till movement feels comfortable.
  • Get your head down, relax the shoulders and take hands to feet as if you are opening a book with the thumbs kept on the arches of feet.
  • Massage the bottoms of feet and deep breath for 5-10 breaths.


4. Supported Bridge Variation:

  • One can begin by lying on the back. Bend one’s knees, place feet on the ground.
  • Then, raise hips and place a block below you at whatever position feels ideal for the back and lower sacrum onto the block.
  • Use the right hand for help. Then put the top of right foot on the ground next to the block. One must keep reaching for the knees towards their midline.
  • Take 5-10 deep breaths and then switch on to the other side.


5. Legs Up The Wall:

  • One must sit sideways right next to a wall. Then they can lie down on one side and face away from the wall.
  • Next, use arms, lift the legs right up the wall as one rolls over onto the back. Let the arms fall on either of one’s sides.
  • Stay at this position for a minimum of 5 breaths.
  • This is another simple yoga therapy to get relief from foot pain.


Practicing these simple yoga steps can release the stress of your feet. So this World Yoga Day, make an effort and practice yoga for your pain-free foot. To read more foot-related blogs, click here

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