Chronic Back Pain & Knee Pain Treatment in Kolkata

Many Indians suffer chronic pain in their hips, knees, lower back and neck. Such pain may linger for many months and does not respond to continuing treatment. There could be a connection between the pain you experience and the way your feet function. The knees and back are often affected by abnormal foot mechanics or asymmetry in your gait.Back & Knee Pain

You should contact CuraFoot Clinic for an appointment if you are worried about lingering back, hip or knee pain that remains unabated even after weeks of traditional treatment elsewhere.

Knee Pain and Your Feet

In some patients, knee pain is directly related to how the feet function. CuraFoot may be able to help correct abnormal foot functions and provide relief to your knee pain.

The knee is made to bend only in one direction—with the knee facing straight forward. But if the foot rolls in too much (i.e. over-pronates), the leg rotates in toward the opposite leg. The knee is then functioning while pointing inward. In this position, each step you take will put stress on the knee.

If your knee pain is due to foot mechanics a few simple solutions may solve the problem – shoe changes, over-the-counter arch supports or custom orthotics. You should contact CuraFoot Clinic for an appointment if you want to understand how foot function may affect your chronic knee pain.

Back Pain and Your FeetBack, Knee and Hip Pain

Gait abnormalities and high-impact exercises can often cause back pain. While many effective treatments like spinal manipulation, physical therapy, therapeutic injections or even surgery exist for back pain, increasingly physicians are now recommending custom foot orthotics as an option.

What are the conditions that might contribute to back pain from high-impact activity like running? A number of conditions actually: flat feet, high arches, over-pronation or under-pronation, unequal leg lengths, and an uneven pelvis amongst others. To provide yourself immediate relief, cutting back on your mileage could be a great start. You should immediately contact CuraFoot Clinic for an appointment if you want to understand how foot function may affect your chronic back pain.

The good news is that, generally speaking, if your back pain from running is due to abnormal foot function, it can often be relieved through the application of custom orthotics; that is, a prescription insole to provide additional support and stability while running.

Gait Analysis for Back and Knee Pain

CuraFoot clinicians will evaluate gait abnormalities, if any, as a cause for chronic musculo-skeletal complaints. They will evaluate whether foot pain is a possible contributor to the back & knee pain. Specialists trained in biomechanics, a branch of medical science dealing with human motion and posture, will test patients both dynamically (while moving) and statically (while at rest). Please contact CuraFoot Clinic for an appointment if you are suffering from chronic back or knee pain which has not been reduced in spite of other standard treatments.

Custom Foot Orthotics & Shoes

Foot orthoses or insoles provide support to your feet and may help in reducing knee or back pain that is caused by mechanical problems with your feet. Each foot functions differently and CuraFoot’s detailed gait analysis and other examinations provide the data required to create the best orthotic solution for each patient.

CuraFoot can also provide you with recommendations for appropriate shoes for your foot type. Shoes and insoles/orthotic support are critical as part of any biomechanical treatment plan.

If you are experiencing chronic knee, hip or back pain please contact CuraFoot Clinic for an appointment. It could be a biomechanical problem that needs evaluation and custom shoes or insoles.