Corn Callus Removal KolkataCalluses & Corn Removal Treatment in Kolkata

Corn and callus are hard or thickened skin on the feet or hands. These can be painful at times and can be caused as a result of constant rubbing or friction. Get in touch with the CuraFoot clinic for an appointment if you are suffering from painful corns & calluses.

Corns and calluses are often caused by improper footwear, which creates constant pressure in certain areas of the foot. They also occur if a person is barefoot for long periods or has an unusual gait or is an athlete who put continuous pressure on the foot. People with certain kinds of foot structure (such as bony feet, flat feet or bunions) and ailments (such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis) can aggravate corns and calluses.


  1. Corns occur in small areas of skin and are usually approximately round in shape. Corns usually occur in the deeper layers of the skin and can be occasionally painful, especially while walking or wearing ill-fitted shoes.
  2. Soft corns are usually formed between toes and are whitish. These are mostly formed due to bone spurs and underlying pressure and are moist because of the sweat glands between toes. Soft corns are less painful but are more likely to become ulcerous or infected.
  3. Hard corns are firmer and denser than soft corn. These are thickened round patches of dead skin with a grey core of hard skin. Hard corns can occur in areas where there is the most friction because of ill-fitted shoes. Hard corns are more likely to cause pain while walking or putting pressure on the feet.

Calluses cover a larger area than corns and can occur anywhere with repeated friction.

Reasons Behind The Corn on Foot:

Corns and calluses can occur for multiple reasons such as:

  • Anatomical abnormalities in feet or toes
  • Ill-fitting shoes
  • Using tools or instruments that cause repeated friction to a certain area
  • Bunions or hammertoes
  • Gait-related irregularities
  • Sports that cause pressure on feet

Treatments of Corns & Calluses:

Normally corns & calluses are not critical to health if taken care of at an early stage. There are some simple ways to treat corn or callus efficiently:

  • Salicylic acid is most commonly used for the treatment of corns and calluses. Salicylic acid breaks down the hardened skin layer and helps in the removal of corns and calluses. Some over-the-counter foot creams contain salicylic acid which can be used as per instructions to treat corns & calluses.
  • Surgical removal of the thickened skin can be done to treat corns & calluses. This does not solve the problem permanently but can provide periodic relief.
  • The constant pressure points that cause corns & calluses can be relieved with the use of custom-made insoles that relieve the pressure points and help in the treatment. Corns and calluses get cured faster in the absence of pressure & constant friction. Custom orthotics help in not only treating but also in further preventing recurrences.
  • In case the area gets infected, certain antibiotics can help in the clearing of the infection. Please consult a doctor in case of an infection.
  • In case of a foot or a bone deformity that is causing friction, wearing felt pads can provide relief and reduce the chances of further friction that can aggravate the condition. In certain cases, the bone may need to be surgically removed as part of the treatment.

In extreme cases where there is redness, increased swelling or pain, color change in the affected areas, drainage from the sore, or signs of tissue decay, it is necessary to consult a doctor to get urgent medication and treatment. For more information call us at +91 33 71646463 or book an appointment now and get your foot checked today for better foot health.