Foot Pain Diagnosis and Treatment in Kolkata

Foot Pain is very common and caused mainly by poor feet hygiene or from sustained pressure on the feet. Feet pain problems can also be caused by heel spur or calcaneal spur or any other disease that affects the feet. If you are worried about any foot pain or injuries, please contact CuraFoot Clinic for an appointment.

One’s foot is a vital human organ needing tender loving care as one’s very mobility or erect position for a fair amount of time depends on one’s foot care regimen. This in itself can cause feet to pain due to stress on the feet which may be further exacerbated by putting on ill-fitting shoes. Therefore pampering the feet is essential. People could be experiencing a host of foot disorders including heel painblisters, corns and calluses.

For the uninitiated, there are 26 bones that the foot is made of forming two arches across the foot. The ankles are formed as a result of the foot and the lower leg interacting with each other. The ligaments act as an anchor for the bones of one’s foot.


Causes of Foot Pain & Diagnosis:

Trauma, disease and foot injuries are the probable causes of foot pain. If the biomechanical alignment is inadequate and also depending on the kind of footwear one may have put on, could be the cause of one’s foot pain or toe pain as well. Tight fitting shoes or shoes that are tied tightly or if one sits for hours may result in the swollen foot. The ball of one’s feet right below one’s toes may hurt and cause feet pain as well as a result of putting on high heels.

foot painIf there is persistent pain underfoot or if there is a pain in the sole of foot then that is a possible sign of some sort of a foot disorder. As and when the pain is felt, having inkling or knowledge of the types of foot diseases would help in the diagnosis and foot pain treatment.

Lifting weights could be one of the feet pain causes adversely affecting the condition of the pain. Out of many foot pain reasons foot movement too could be one of them. One’s gait could be adversely affected as well and one may be desperately looking for foot pain relief.


In terms of foot pain diagnosis of foot disorders or foot problems included is,

Athletes’ Foot:

Fungi growing on the top layer of the skin cause athlete’s foot. They thrive in places that are warm and moist or between the toes are the areas that are usually affected.

Ingrown toenails:

In terms of foot pain diagnosis ingrown toenails, for example, could be the cause or directly related to the toe pain. There are over the counter medications available for toe pain. It’s a proven fact that ingrown toenails are one out of many foot problems and indeed foot pain causes. The botanical ingredients of the nail products available these days are one of the foot pain remedies for foot pain caused by ingrown toenails.

Heel Pain:

Heel pain is a chronic and throbbing pain at foot’s base or at ankle joints. Heel pain isn’t risky at all but can hinder daily activities as mobility is inhibited.

Shin Splints:

When muscles, tendons and bone tissue are tired shin splints result. Athletes often are affected by shin splints if they intensify or alter their training regimen. The primary symptom is foot pain.

Diabetic Foot:

Foot disorders typically manifest in diabetics as a result of high blood sugar levels causing damage to sensation and circulation. If untreated, the diabetic foot could lead to foot ulcers and infections and, in extreme cases could result in amputations. With appropriate foot care though, the majority of foot abnormalities can be prevented.

Calcaneal Spur:

A calcaneal spur or plantar fasciitis is also known as heel spur is a bony protrusion from the heel bone. Calcaneal spurs are often identified by a radiographic examination or an x-ray. 

Flat Feet:

Flat feet may cause chronic pain and restrict mobility. Adults have an arch between the forefoot and the heel and the cause of this formation is tendons connecting and pulling the lower legs of the feet, resulting in the arch formation. The arch develops with the person grows older and it’s not congenital. Therefore, typically children have flat feet.

Hammer Toes:

Rather than being straight if the toes wrinkle and are upward or downward bending then that is a foot condition widely known as hammer toe. With time and in extreme cases, hammertoes may worsen and the only treatment is surgery.

Achilles Tendonitis:

This is a foot condition causing pain as a result of inflammation of the tissue connecting muscle to the bone. Each of these is foot pain causes or foot pain identifier as well.



There are painkillers, medications for relieving inflammation, bone loss, modify or even reverse the progression of an inflammatory disease or preventing joint damage are a vital and integral part of the treatment of a host of foot disorders. The effectiveness of the medications used for the treatment of arthritis and other foot diseases is directly related to the type of arthritis or associated diagnosed foot condition.

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