Pediatric Foot Deformities is a specialist practice area at CuraFoot. Our entire team loves working with kids and we try to make their visits with us as easy and painless as possible.

Children’s feet have a unique development pattern and function. Yet, foot health in kids is often neglected. This may lead to problems not only in the feet but elsewhere as well – for example in the legs and back.

In some cases, kids’ foot problems can even lead to depression or other personality disorders. A child with foot problems may walk awkwardly or not be very athletic. Sometimes this can lead to children being shy or introverted. They may start avoiding sports and other social functions completely.

Please contact CuraFoot Clinic for an appointment if you notice any of the following:Pediatric Foot Deformities

  • Your child complains of pain in their feet, ankles or legs
  • Your child is constantly tripping and falling
  • You notice uneven shoe wear
  • Your child asks to be carried more than other kids of the same age
  • Your child has a gait or foot position when walking that you think might be unusual
  • You notice any skin rashes, hard skin, lumps or bumps on the feet

Check-ups for Your Kids Feet

Regular foot check-ups can prevent later problems. Many foot problems that affect adults have their origins in childhood. In fact, many are present at birth. When caught early, we can often help prevent problems that will bother your child as older children, adolescents or adults. Here are some of the consequences of foot and leg issues:

  • Kids with foot problems may walk awkwardly
  • Kids with foot problems may not be as athletic as they could
  • Kids with foot issues may avoid sports and social functions
  • All of these can lead children to be shy, introverted or less comfortable socially

When Should Your Child Have Their Feet and Gait Checked?

Children should have a regular foot check-up at these important milestones:

  • When beginning to walk (about 12 months)
  • Age 3 (this is when children develop a more adult “heel-to-toe” gait)
  • Age 6 (when starting school)
  • Before beginning organized sports

It is not often that kids complain about foot or ankle pain, because parents are unaware of the pediatric foot deformities, so it’s better to visit or consult a doctor at the earliest.