CuraFoot Advantage

CuraFoot makes custom orthotic insoles from your foot impression using the latest FDA approved process and materials. Every custom orthotic insole made by CuraFoot is clinically reviewed and corrections are made based on the assessment done by our certified Physiotherapists.

Assessment by Certified Physiotherapist

Our physiotherapists are trained to do a complete 7 point foot assessment including review of pressure distribution, alignment issues and other clinical conditions. We fully analyze both your medical conditions (e.g. corns or calluses) and underlying problems (e.g. knee pain).

Accurate Foot Impression

CuraFoot uses a foam box to take a very accurate foot impression similar to dental impressions. The impressions are then scanned using our 3D Laser scanners at an accuracy of 0.25 MM ensuring that the custom orthotics capture every contour of your feet at a highly granular level.

Clinical Review

Every CuraFoot insole design is reviewed by our clinical specialists against the manual assessment to ensure that the design is adjusted to provide necessary corrective actions.

Conformation to US FDA / Medicare Guidelines

CuraFoot is using EVA form and design specifications that conform to the US FDA guidelines and reimbursable by the US Medicare for patients with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy and other ailments.