Start Your Own Foot & Ankle Clinic


More than 60% of Indian adults need better foot health management to prevent future complications – and yet there is a dearth of affordable, clinically valid foot care solutions in the market today. Our platform improves patient outcomes without the need for surgical intervention. CuraFoot custom orthotics & off-the-shelf products help manage most common foot conditions including diabetic ulcers, arch pain & sports injuries.

CuraFoot is a pioneer of the Foot Health industry in India – especially in Digital Scanning and clinical grade footwear solutions. We design and manufacture cutting-edge custom solutions based on scan data from half-a-million-foot data points and increasing. This allows us to constantly improve clinical orthotic designs for the South Asian population.

Setting up a specialist Foot Clinic is now easy

As a leading clinician you already know how important orthotics is for:

  • Improved patient mobility & function
  • To stabilise, support & protect the foot and ankle
  • To provide proper joint alignment
  • Better manage diabetic foot conditions
  • Treat patients with knee or lower back problems who could benefit from accurate orthotics.

curafoot 3d foot scan

CuraFoot 3D Foot Scanner

CuraFoot: Podiatry made easy

CuraFoot ( uses cutting-edge Scan technology to design clinically accurate custom orthotics. Our affordable range of lightweight custom insoles, diabetic inserts, and specialised footwear target patients with common foot conditions. These include diabetic foot ulcers, sports injuries, arch pain, plantar fasciitis or biomechanical issues.



Curafoot clinic

CuraFoot Clinic, Kolkata

What will you get?

It is now easy to set up your own foot clinic with CuraFoot’s 3D technology. Our mission is to deliver better foot care through the CuraFoot proprietary platform that includes:

  • High-precision 3D Foot Scan Technology that improves patient fit
  • Quick and accurate AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled detailed foot diagnostics
  • Detailed patient reports for better user insights and foot health education
  • Clinical accuracy in every custom product designed for patient needs
  • Full training for local staff to operate the facility independently

Affordable Custom Orthotics for India

CuraFoot manufactures affordable, custom-made orthotic solutions that are right for the Indian market. Our AI-backend uses more than half a million-foot data points to keep improving the patient fit & usage experience. We are privileged to partner with leading brands like Apollo Multispecialty Hospital, Apollo Clinics and Bata, among others. Our experience suggests there is huge interest in custom orthotics due to increasing obesity, diabetes, sports/exercising & geriatric conditions.

custom 3D curafoot insole

3D insoles by CuraFoot

Minimal investments drive better outcomes

CuraFoot is revolutionizing podiatry for Indian clinics. With minimal investments, doctors can conveniently launch their own Foot Clinics very quickly. Our exceptional customer service makes us the preferred partner for Custom Prosthetics, Inserts, AFOs and SMOs globally.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Am I eligible for the CuraFoot franchisee?

Ans: Yes, anyone can set up a partner CuraFoot Clinic across India.

Q2. How does this franchisee work?

Ans: CuraFoot will support you set up a well-equipped Podiatry Clinic with CuraFoot 3D technology to deliver better foot care through the CuraFoot proprietary platform. We design and manufacture cutting-edge custom solutions based on scan data from patients. We can help you with day-to-day orthotic and prosthetic orders. In case you are willing to set up your own design and fabrication unit, CuraFoot can assist you with set-up at a minimal cost.

For setting up a clinic, the partner needs a space of 100 sq. ft in the hospital/clinic along with a local technician for managing the day-to-day foot assessments and patient reports. He/she will be trained by the CuraFoot team under a Certification course on Diabetic Foot Care.

Q3. What is the minimum investment required?

Ans: Day-1 investment for setting up a Podiatry Clinic will depend on the type of setup done by the clinic/hospital. Typically, a minimum investment of 4-5 Lacs (GST extra, as applicable) is required to set up CuraFoot 3D Foot Scan Kiosk at your clinic.

Q4. What is included in the package?

Ans: The franchise package includes a comprehensive kit comprising the hardware, software, over-the-counter (OTC products) and training of the Clinic Exec. Typically, the package includes- a CuraFoot 3D Foot Scan kiosk, a one-time set-up cost, and a 1st-year software license fee. All machines come with a 1-year basic warranty that covers repairs or replacements in the event of defects. An extended warranty can be purchased for a period of 36 months. The OTC Kit will consist of premium ready-to-use orthotics. Curafoot will also provide 2-month training for the Clinic Exec under a Certification course by Cura Academy.

Q5. Is there a separate branding or license fee every year?

Ans: The Day-1 investment cost includes the license fee and machine AMC cost for the first year. From the second year onwards, yearly fees of Rs 60,000 will be applicable (payable in advance). In case of failure to comply with the payment terms, CuraFoot may terminate the license.

Q6. How long will it take the clinic to reach a breakeven point?

Ans: CuraFoot 3D Foot Scanner uses cutting-edge Scan technology to provide state-of-the-art foot diagnostics and foot care solutions. This enables high and steady revenue generation in the clinic and will help you reach the breakeven point quickly. The breakeven for this investment depends on patient footfall, product mix & up-sell/cross-sell metrics, doctors available in the clinic for consultation, marketing strategies and clinic staff, but typically takes only 6-8 months.

Q7. How much revenue can I expect in the first year?

Ans: In our experience, a typical Curafoot Podiatry Clinic, can easily generate revenue of approx 35-40 Lacs annually from your clinic. However, the same depends upon the location of the clinic, day-to-day patient flow, Doctor available in the clinic for consultation, marketing strategies and clinic staff.

Q8. Will CuraFoot help me market my clinic?

Ans: Yes. We will help you market your clinic on different digital marketing platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Q9. How will I manage customer orders for custom insoles?

Ans: Managing patient order is easy with CuraFoot Orthotic Hub. Prescribe custom orthoses—from scanning a patient to placing an order—in as little as 10 minutes with this flexible, easy-to-learn Curafoot 3D Fitzone orthotic solution. We will help you deliver quality custom orthoses reliably and consistently. Enjoy predictable, flat-rate pricing that includes all modifications and shipping to your clinic.

Q10. Will I get ready-made insoles or other products for my clinic?

Ans: Yes, the Franchisee Starter Kit includes a range of premium OTC products. You can also order from our range of OTC products for your foot clinic. Please refer to our product brochure for your reference.

Q11. How much discount can I get on those?

Ans: Yes, we offer attractive discounts on our products for our partners.

Who can open a CuraFoot Clinic?

Podiatrist, Orthopaedics, Diabetologists, Physical Medicine.