CuraFoot custom inserts are manufactured using state-of the art 3D scanning and design technology from Voxelcare.


The 3D Laser Foambox Scanner provides an efficient and powerful scanning tool as the basis for the production of high quality orthotics. Combines the best quality output with the benefits of being online, making it an unique system to capture data of foamboxes, casts, moulds, orthotics and other objects.

CuraFoot Technology


The online Voxelcare insole CAD design software is an easy to use and powerful tool to design any type orthotic insole. A wide range of corrective, supportive or recess modules can be loaded from the library, modified and applied on the orthotic to manufacture your accommodative or functional foot orthotic. CuraFoot securely archives the digital images to make reordering inserts easy and extremely accurate.

Accommodative and corrective orthotics are done by our certified Podiatrists based on the Diabetic or Foot Assessments.

Advanced Foot Pressure Mapping TechnologyTechnology used by CuraFoot


Production of the custom insoles is done using CAD-CAM milling which creates total contact with bottom of foot based on the design in Voxelcare’s CAD design software. We use the material for your specific model of insole, i.e. athletic model uses a different material than the Diabetic model. Once your insole is milled, we finish it and add the non-EVA layers to the insole. We also double check the orthotic against a plaster cast of your foam box impression and your old insert’s trace outline to verify total contact and correct shoe fit. There are many QC checks that each individual insole goes through at this stage.