Toenails are usually susceptible to injury and infection. From fungus to splinters, there are many ways in which the toenail can get affected. Toenails are also one of the most neglected parts of our body, so there is a tendency to neglect any toenail condition until the time that it turns severe or excessively painful. If you would like medical advice about toe conditions & foot care in general, please contact CuraFoot Clinic for an appointment.

Ingrown ToenailConditions:

Some of the most common toenail conditions are:

1. In grown toenails
2. Fungal toenails
3. Injury or trauma to the toenails (known as hematoma)
4. Bacterial infection
5. Natural decay due to age
6. Nail tumours
7. Skin diseases such as psoriasis
8. Birth deformities

Most, if not all of the above conditions can cause pain or irritation to the feet. In case of diabetics, any nail condition can spiral into a serious complication.


It is important to take good care of toenails to avoid toenail conditions from developing and aggravating.

There are a few steps to be followed for the prevention of toenail conditions:

1. Wash your feet daily and dry them after completely.
2. Avoid using harsh soaps that can erode the skin.
3. Limit the use of nail paints, since they contain chemicals that can damage the nails.
4. Use moisturizer for your nails and feet before going to bed.
5. Keep separate towels and nail clippers to avoid contracting fungal infections.
6. Don’t be aggressive in cleaning the nails.
7. Wear well fitted shoes that do not cause pressure on the nails or bunch up your toes.
8. Get pedicures done at regular intervals.
9. Do not keep very long nails or clip them very short to avoid toenail ingrowths.

In case you notice any discoloration, pain or irritation in your toenails, consult a podiatrist immediately. Neglecting the symptoms can lead to aggravation of the underlying cause and increase complications. If you are a diabetic, it is essential for you to get your feet checked at regularly to avoid any condition. People with diabetes or poor blood circulation suffer from toenail conditions that can become severe in a matter of days.

Be especially careful in case of external trauma or injury, or any external body piercing through the skin (such as splinters or tacks) since toes are vulnerable to infection and these need to be addressed at the earliest.