Diabetic Foot: Cause of Amputation or Death?

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Diabetic Foot: Cause of Amputation or Death?

Diabetic Foot

While 246 million individuals across the globe are diagnosed with diabetes, India itself accounts for 45 million of severe diabetes cases. A recent study also suggests that the number is likely to increase to 73 million by 2025 and India will be listed as the Diabetic capital of the world.

Although these statistics are a cause for concern, the severity of this condition isn’t widely recognized. Diabetes is connected to a range of health issues – Diabetic Foot leading the list of issues. If the proper care and medication aren’t received at the right time, it may lead to amputation of the foot or even death.

How common is this?

As per the American Diabetes Association worldwide an individual loses his limb due to diabetic-related issues every 30 seconds.

Foot ulcers are another ailment caused due to diabetes. A study discovered that while 60% to 80% of the foot ulcers eventually heal, around 5% to 20% lead to limb amputation in a period of 6 to 18 months from the initial stages.

Why should diabetics be extra careful?

Diabetes is one condition that affects the feet the most. A diabetic foot has the maximum chances of a wound that doesn’t heal, thus increasing the chances of an infection, which potentially could lead to amputation. If not tended to at the right time, it may also be a plausible reason for death.

When does amputation become really necessary?

Let’s be clear right at the onset that not every diabetic requires an amputation. Only when an ulcer or a wound doesn’t heal the right way, and before it gets infectious and fatal, amputation is the only option. Even when an amputation happens, if the blood flow isn’t proper or if the surgery wound does not heal, the doctor may prescribe another surgery.

Things to keep in mind in order to avoid amputation

If you want to avoid amputation, you need to keep these two aspects and work hard towards getting the right balance between them—i.e. foot care and your blood sugar levels.

An increase in your blood sugar levels can be critical for diabetes. So, you must ensure that you balance your blood sugar levels by leading a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet. Here are some simple ways to do it:

  • Opt for a well-balanced and a nutritious diet
  • Exercise religiously to reduce stress levels
  • Keep an eye on sugary drinks or food you consume
  • Take medications and keep track of your blood sugar and glucose levels


Since we’re talking about a diabetic foot here, foot care is a must. Some ways to follow a good foot care regime is as follows:


A diabetic foot is mainly caused when one doesn’t take the necessary precautions. It’s important to keep your diabetes in check, but it’s also vital that you identify your foot risks, tackle them before it leads to something as serious as amputation or even worse, death.


Because, at the end of the day—“We are the custodians of our bodies.”


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