How Below Knee Prosthesis Can Help with Common Amputees

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How Below Knee Prosthesis Can Help with Common Amputees

below knee prosthesis

Prosthetic legs today are one of the alternative solutions for people with leg-amputations. It brings stability to their lives and helps with general mobility. Did you that prosthetic legs can perfectly mimic the function of a real leg?

Yes, this is in fact the greater truth around which the whole idea of the below-knee prosthesis is based. People who have suffered amputation recently can go for these alternatives, as they give the appearance of real legs easily.

Here in this article, we will decode in detail how the below-knee prosthesis can help with common amputees.


What Is Prosthetics?

Some events in life are more traumatic than you can imagine. They literally leave a gap that can never be filled. Amputation of a leg or appendage is one of them. It is one of the worst scenarios a person can face.

Fortunately, advancing technology has made the process of replacing limbs quite easier and comfortable also. And it is here where prosthetics come into play. Prosthesis refers to the art of fitting artificial body parts, in place of the missing ones.

How Can Curafoot Help In Below-Knee Prosthesis:

We all lead a fast-paced lifestyle today. And a broken leg can pose as a major roadblock in those dreams. At Curafoot, we understand your problems well and hence give the best prosthesis solutions in Kolkata. There are many advantages to taking up our services, some of which are mentioned below:

Stability and Support:

All below-knee prosthesis at Curafoot is powered by the latest technology and forms the bedrock of every step you take.

Our products are designed to perfection and thus fit you the best. Within a few days, you will start to feel, that the prosthetic leg is more than the foot. It is a foundation in itself.

Freedom of Choice:

Not only the prosthetic leg, but even the socket provided by us is also comfortable. Curafoot believes in providing the right socket solutions for legs which further instills gait and confidence in you.

Safe and Secure:

Curafoot ensures that all the prosthetic knee products provided are safe and secure. Other benefits of using prosthetic legs from Curafoot are:

  •       The designs are simple and sophisticated.
  •       Lightweight and highly economical for easy to carry daily activities.
  •       The solutions are pre-tested, which means they can bear up to 100 kg user weight.
  •       The foot is based on the SACH principle and is waterproof.
  •       The prosthetic legs are cast-effective.


At Curafoot we understand your problems to the core. Therefore, our services include the most advanced below-knee prosthesis which has till now improved the lives of millions.

The caring practitioners employed with us, also help you in overcoming the initial hurdles easily. With us by your side, you can definitely give life a second chance and come back stronger than ever.

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