Misaligned Feet Can Cause Back Pain

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July 23, 2019
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Misaligned Feet Can Cause Back Pain

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Misalignment of feet is a serious condition. Not many people take notice of this ailment, which goes on to snowball into something serious. Misaligned feet can affect the entire body, especially the back. You may not be aware of it, but more often than not, a misaligned foot can be the cause of severe back pain. If one continues to lead their life with a misaligned foot, it may end up causing severe damage to your body. Before we talk about the symptoms, causes, and treatments for this ailment, let’s fully understand what a misaligned foot is and how it can affect you in the long run.

What is Foot Misalignment?

Your feet are considered to be aligned only when your ankles tend to be straight above your feet. The front edge of your ankle bone rests comfortably on the front edge of your heel bone. The space that automatically gets created in this process is called Sinus Tarsi. The Sinus Tarsi gets compressed when your ankle bone slips from its usual place.

How can Misaligned Feet cause problems for your body?

When your body is not aligned, you experience it in some way or the other. The muscles and tendons surrounding your feet have to overcompensate because they also have to perform the duties of your feet. Due to this, the chances of muscle tightness or sore muscles increases. If your feet are misaligned, the chances of aggravated back pain also increase.

What is the exact cause of Misaligned Feet?

You cannot pinpoint to one exact cause when it comes to misaligned feet. But foot misalignment is usually caused due to a sprain or a severe fracture. While on one hand condition like arthritis can cause misalignment of feet, this condition is also connected to genetics and overuse of the feet.

What are the immediate symptoms of Misaligned Feet?

Misaligned feet can steer a host of problems for your body. When your ankles or your feet don’t function properly, it’s up to the rest of your body to compensate. As a result, back pain is considered to be one of the most common issues caused due to misaligned feet. The pain on your feet can very easily shoot up to your back and cause you astute pain.

How can Misaligned Feet be treated?

In one of the studies conducted recently, it was discovered that using an in-shoe plantar pressure can heal foot pain. The right pressure applied to the right areas and modifying the footwear accordingly can treat misaligned feet, which in turn can cure you of your back pain.  Using in-shoe plantar pressure in the custom-made footwear is good for people with a misaligned foot.

Receive the care that your feet deserve. Misaligned feet or any other feet problem, it’s always best to get it tested. Don’t turn the back on your feet, otherwise, it may just return to cause you more back pain.

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