The Myths about Diabetes Footcare

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The Myths about Diabetes Footcare

diabetes foot care

Diabetes management comes with a lot of challenges. But, before going ahead, you must know some of the facts. Sadly, numerous people are tricked into assuming misconceptions regarding their illness that they confront online or via word-of-mouth. Read along to discover some of the important misconceptions or myths and learn about the facts.


Myth 1: Diabetes is the Outcome of a Heavy Sugary Diet

Well, consuming excessive sugar is never healthy for the body, however, it also does not mean that sugar necessarily leads to diabetes. Many experts describe either of the two types of diabetes results because of having too much sugar. On the contrary, it happens due to a lack of insulin secretion from the pancreas. Furthermore, a poor diet can also be a reason for Type 2 disease. This makes the body highly resistant to insulin. Therefore, sugar is not the only cause of diabetes.


Myth 2: Being Overweight Causes Diabetes

This myth is highly debatable, but we feel that there is a very direct connection between being overweight and having diabetes. It is considered as a misconception that diabetes only attacks people who are obese. Diabetes (TYPE 1) causes due to many genetic and other factors, even in people who are fit physically. However, TYPE 2 people carry weight, it is possible to reduce weight and receive a diagnosis.


Myth 3: All Diabetics will undergo an Amputation

It is one of the widespread myth is that people suffering from diabetes will lose arms, toes and have to go for amputation. This is entirely wrong-many people carry diabetes without even thinking about the topic regarding amputation. However, being diabetic can result in developing ulcers along with many other complications related to orthopedics. According to experts, dodging amputation means enduring and controlling your illness. If you perform regular foot check-ups and allow wounds to heal properly, then you might not have to reach the stage of amputation.


The third myth is quite a matter of concern for many people. They think diabetes will eventually cause them to amputate their foot, but in reality, it is not such the case. It is essential to take care of the foot, wash with warm water, go for regular check-ups, and make sure that the shoes you wear fit you properly.

Diseases might occur anytime, but that does not mean we will be reluctant towards our health. People who have a history of diabetic patients in the family must keep a check on their food habits ad fitness.

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