5 Important Winter Foot Care Tips for Healthy Feet

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5 Important Winter Foot Care Tips for Healthy Feet

Winter Foot Care Tips

With the winter hitting the town, it is surely a piece of great news by itself but along with wearing fashionable clothes come dead and dry skins. So, if you want to want to rock heels this winter, it is better to take care of your feet rather than falling for an embracement. 


Here is our list of the five winter foot care tips for healthy feet:


1. Remove the Dead Skins

There is no point in moisturizing dead skins, and that is why the very first step towards happy feet is to remove those dry dough and chafed skins from the foot. Not only dead skins look ugly, but it also helps to deteriorate healthy skins too. 


2. Soak Your Feet in Warm Water

Add a tincture of salt on the hot water and try to soak your feet in there. It not only helps to remove the dead skins but also churn out the negativity out of your body. After soaking your feet for 10 minutes, clean them up with a shower gel to feel good. 


3. Use a Foot Scrub

Our skins dry up faster during winter, as a result, is it very important to use a foot scrub at least once in a week. The granular sugars from the foot scrub helps to remove the dead skins along with letting the good ones come out to the surface. 


4. Apply a Foot Musk

It might sound bizarre, but the reason we apply musk over our face, the same goes for feet too. Apply the mask and leave it for almost 10 minutes to work up the charm. The foot musk can help remove the dead skins that are left behind by foot scrub. 


5. Apply Moisturiser

Before calling it a day, it is very important to apply a moisturizer that is especially available for your feet. Don’t use the moisturizer from your face, as different body parts require a different kind of care. If you feel like your feet become too slippery, you can always use an overnight moisturizer to save the hustle. 


Bonus Tip:

While all these tips can be applied at the convenience of your home, you can always go for a pedicure once in a month at your local foot spa. The touch of a professional can always make your feet look happier and healthier. 


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