Foot Care Tips For Pandal Hopping in Durga Puja 2020

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Foot Care Tips For Pandal Hopping in Durga Puja 2020

Foot Care Tips for pandal hopping

Durga Puja has already knocked in and the wave of festivity has begun. Autumn time in West Bengal sees a completely different atmosphere. It is when the Divine Goddess Shakti returns to her maternal home from Kailash.

Like every other year, Kolkata has already geared up for the grand welcome of Goddess Durga. The streets are all decked up, and huge pandals are erected all throughout the city. As the city is totally immersed in the annual extravaganza, there is an increasing wave of excitement among citizens also.

However, in this air of festivity, it is also important to take care of our feet also. Before you venture out for pandal hopping in Durga Puja 2020, make sure to follow these tips.

Why Foot Care Is Important?

Our feet form the foundation of our body. Comprising 50 bones, 200 muscles, tendons, ligaments, and 60 joints feet is a true engineering marvel.

It is true that our feet were made for walking, but that doesn’t mean you should not tiptoe footcare. There are many studies that point out that the overall body gets affected when feet are taken for granted.

Pandal hopping is a common scenario during Dussehra. For Kolkatans especially visiting pandals to seek the blessings of the Goddess is more like an emotion. However, continuous walking might give birth to feet ailments that can only be treated with the help of a Podiatrist. Some common type of feet problems are:

  •   Foot Cramps: Foot Cramps are the most common condition that affects feet. In this type of ailment, muscles get tired and weak thus giving rise to severe pain. Most of the common causes of foot cramps are dehydration, hormonal changes, smoking, and poor blood circulation. The only way the condition can be treated is through rest and proper hydration.
  •   Short Leg Syndrome: Short leg syndrome occurs when two feet are of varied length. The condition can lead to severe ankle and heel pain. People with short leg syndrome can have difficulty during pandal hopping.
  •   Chronic Ankle Problem: Chronic pain in the ankle is another cause that can dampen the festive fervor. To safeguard feet against this condition go for clinical experts who can treat and manage the condition accordingly.
  •   Blisters: Blisters are also another foot condition that affects the upper layer of the skin. This superficial tissue damage can prevent you from walking freely and in certain conditions give rise to infections.

It is true that all these above-mentioned conditions can put a halt on your pandal visit. But fret not. The foot care tips mentioned below will certainly help protect your feet in this festive time. Let us check out how and why these tips are useful for your feet.

Foot Care Tips For Pandal Visit During Durga Puja 2020:

Durga Puja is more than a festival in West Bengal. It is a carnival in which each year we get to witness bigger and glamorous pandals. While millions pour out on the streets to celebrate the extravaganza, pandal hopping can become exhausting if not done properly.

Thus the below-mentioned hacks will not only keep your feet protected but also give an unparalleled puja experience this year.

Preparing Your Feet Ahead of Time:

Continuos walking without rest and standing in long queues can make your feet feel stiff. So before you venture out for pandal hopping try to prepare your feet for the journey ahead beforehand.

Start out by walking for more than 30 minutes a day. This will prepare the feet for exhaustion during pandal hopping and help you avoid foot problems easily.

Practice daily by walking for 10 mins initially then extend it up to 1 hour. In this way, your feet will get the warm-up before the tedious job easily.

Choose The Right Shoes and Socks:

Apart from clothes shoes and socks form a huge part of Puja fashion. Thus do not keep them in the box till the day of the festival. Take them out and monitor the pain areas

You can also apply lubricants or moisturizers on your feet to prevent the occurrence of blisters. In this way, you can not only keep the blisters at bay but also make your footwear ready for pandal hopping.

Socks also play an important role. Therefore, always pick cotton or other fabrics that will help your feet breathe freely.

Foot Measurement:

Do you remember the last time you got your feet checked? Yes, it has been a long time, right? Before you go for pandal hopping this Puja, get your feet checked by a Podiatrist. A foot doctor will suggest the right footwear which will help you stand or walk for a prolonged time.

Custom Insoles:

Custom insoles have really become popular these days. These products help in reducing the pressure on the plantar surface of the feet. Before buying a custom insole, do make an appointment with a podiatrist and go for a foot examination.

Through this, you will get to know what your feet need and which insole will suit you.

A few more roadmap for healthy feet:

Always keep your feet dry while walking.

  •   After coming home from a pandal visit wash your feet with warm water and apply the cream.
  •   Even if you have not break-into your new shoes, carry band-aids with you which will prevent blisters.
  •   Do not try to visit all pandals in a day. Keep your itinerary short, so that you can easily take breaks for your feet.
  •   Our feet need rest after a tiring walk. Keep a pillow handy below your knees to support legs during nap time.
  •   Do some stretch exercises after waking. Grab your foot fingers and stretch them both upwards and backward which will make the joints free.


The excitement that engulfs people during Durga Puja is hard to put into words. People wait for this time of the year with all pomp and joy. However, that doesn’t mean that foot care shall take a backstep.

This year enjoy festivities to the core by following the points above and make pandal hopping fun and joyous.

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