Everything You Need to Know About Diabetic Foot

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January 28, 2020
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Everything You Need to Know About Diabetic Foot

diabetic foot

In a country like India, where 60 million people have been diagnosed by diabetes, over 2 million of them suffer from the condition of diabetic foot. Diabetic patients have a huge probability of affecting their feet due to the two major reasons. Diabetic Neuropathy: where uncontrolled diabetes can damage your nerve, which goes for your legs and feet too. This results in a lack of sensation such as feeling cold, heat and even pain. And the second is Peripheral Vascular Disease: in which case diabetes affects the flow of blood resulting in a longer duration of time to heal a cut or sore in the feet. It can also result in the development of ulcers and gangrene.

One of the worst things about the Diabetic Foot is that once it has taken a grasp, it becomes very difficult to manage and treat. The first step towards the treatment includes bio-psychometry, which is a vibration test carried out to check the peripheral neuropathy in the feet. The step includes the ankle-brachial index, which is a very quick and noninvasive test to check for peripheral artery disease (PAD). The last test is followed by 3D pressure mapping to point out the focal pressure points in the feet. The sole reason for these tests is to check the condition of the diabetic feet and how badly it has affected the patient.

Here are some of the six basic steps that one needs to follow for a healthy foot:

  1. Always wash your feet with lukewarm water before bedtime. Check the temperature of the water before putting it into your feet
  2. Make sure to clean the interdigital space, so that excess moisture is not left behind
  3. Clip your nails short
  4. Apply any kind of moisturizer after washing your feet
  5. Never walk barefoot. Try to follow this while exercising or jogging out there in the morning
  6. Always examine the undersurface of your feet for corns or hardening of the skin. Try to have a foot screening text once every year and be aware of your feet conditions

At CuraFoot, we always take proper care of your feet. We are one of the India’s leading Foot and Ankle Clinical Brand with the only motto to provide the best Podiatric Care. Always remember, make sure to keep your feet healthy, and if anything goes wrong, we are always there for you.

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