4 Most Important Tips on Foot Pain During Pregnancy

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4 Most Important Tips on Foot Pain During Pregnancy

foot pain during pregnancy

Do You Suffer from Foot Pain During Pregnancy???

Pregnancy is an exciting, new time in a woman’s life and we do everything we can to see her smiling. Expectant mothers, during the entire span of pregnancy, go through numerous books and articles that help them understand their condition better all the while constantly fretting over the health of the baby. In such times it is wise to take care of the self first because any trauma to the body or the mind of the mother, slight or serious, can directly influence the baby that is growing inside of her. The checklist is long, diets and outfits are planned out. Except we forget why foot care is crucial during the pregnancy phase. As she increasingly gains weight over the passing months, women during pregnancy find it difficult to move around or even complete slight chores around the house. However, it is absolutely necessary that expecting mothers to keep active with yoga or walking. She may face some inconvenience while walking which arises from all the extra strain that the foot endures during pregnancy because of the increased weight. It gives scope to associated back, knee and hip pain. It is very important to know the accurate reason that causes the discomfort in the leg area and feet and to take proper care accordingly.

Don’t Stress Over the Swelling Waistline

Edema is a condition where the body swells in proportion due to the additional flow of blood and fluid. It is a normal part of pregnancy but can cause unprecedented discomfort in your legs and this is only enhanced if you do not take the precaution of wearing comfortable, soft shoes with a flat sole instead of a heel. Good pair of orthotic insoles with the right fit can balance the body well when you are on your feet. Constricted clothing and accessories should be highly avoided in such circumstances. Take your time while picking up the right pair of shoes with anti-slip insoles and decide on a style that is sensible and easy. Consulting a podiatrist before going on a shoe-shopping spree might be in your best self-interest if you are suffering from foot pain during pregnancy.

Relax and Stretch to Feel Revived

Relaxation and ample stretching should be combined in your foot care regime so as to reduce the attack of cramps on your lower body and calf muscles. Try and avoid crossing your legs and ankles as much as possible to keep the stress away from your feet. Focusing on a relaxed body posture and simple foot exercises can make the painful cramps go away.  Hormonal changes and altered calcium levels may also be the reasons of these cramps, which is why dairy products should be a must in your diet along with light relaxed forms of exercise such as a swim or a stimulating spa bath.

Remember to Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking large amounts of water is prescribed as a healthy option for everybody but it is necessary for a pregnant woman to be constantly hydrated since it increases circulation in the body and keeps the temperatures controlled. To avoid stress on the feet, certain foot care treatments and massages are recommended.

Spend Time Rejuvenating Your Skin

As it becomes more and more difficult to reach out to your feet over the ever-swelling belly, it is advised to take help and get someone to clean and moisturize your feet and indulge you in foot therapies, such as medical pedicures to loosen up your nerves. It is practical to remember that your entire body rests upon your feet and hence they should not be neglected during pregnancy.

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