Foot Health Facts for Women

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Foot Health Facts for Women

Foot Health for Women

Our overall health depends on the functionality of the individual organs of our body. We often tend to neglect our foot health, even though this set of organs are central to our mobility.

Foot health is a serious concern for women since they are more susceptible to a range of foot problems. This is because the footwear commonly used by women, although designed to fit the latest trends, are often so narrow fitting, that their feet are subjected to strain for very long duration regularly. The usage of high heels can also be immensely stressful and might lead to serious problems with the ankles.Women must take note of the possible complications that may arise from exposing their feet to constant strain every day so that they can take proper care beforehand.

Morton’s Neuroma: 

This is a painful condition that develops from wearing high-heeled shoes or shoes with tapered toe boxes. In such footwear, the toes are crammed into the toe box. This causes the thickening of the nerve in the ball of the foot.


This is the formation of a bony bump on the side of the big toe. This happens gradually, where the big toe is subjected to pressure over a period of time. Eventually, the big toe leans inside towards the other toes. Although bunions are mostly a result of inherited foot structure, the condition deteriorates much faster in women due to the shoes they wear.

Heel Pain or Plantar Fasciitis: 

Someone suffering from plantar fasciitis might experience pain in the heel. This is a condition where the tissues extending from the heel to the toes are inflamed. This condition is a result of inherited foot type, but wearing non-supportive footwear such as flip-flops and ballet flat often aggravates the condition.

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Ankle Sprain:

Ankle sprain is a condition where the ligaments in the ankle (usually on the outside) suffer injury. The ligaments in the ankle provide stability by restricting the side ward movement of the feet. This is a painful condition where it becomes difficult for the sprained ankle to bear the body weight. An ankle sprain is very common and can happen to anyone. Women nevertheless are more vulnerable to this when they walk on uneven surfaces wearing high-heeled shoes, or from other inappropriate footwear such as platform-soled shoes.

It is very important to not neglect any sign of discomfort in the foot. If one receives proper care and therapy in time, it might help the risks of serious complications in the future.

Seek professional help whenever you face discomfort.

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