Basic Facts You Should Know About Heel Pain

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Basic Facts You Should Know About Heel Pain

Heel pain

Why you should rest and shouldn’t stress if you have heel pain

Have foot and heel pain been distracting your workouts or weekend adventures? Activities that require a sudden surge of physical exertion or everyday continuous strain like walking or standing for extended hours can put a lot of pressure on the foot, especially on our heels. As per the convention goes, this occurs even more among people with incorrect posture who carry heavy loads or the fashionistas who choose to wear high raise shoes. With some care and rest, it usually gets better on its own. For some reason, however, if it continues to persist you should set yourself an appointment with a foot and ankle specialist to get your condition diagnosed.

Getting an insight into the mechanics of your body makes you realize what you are lacking in your health routine and how to tackle such chronic foot problems that slow you down. Why ignore? It is best to adopt the proper course of heel pain treatment from the very start. We mostly consider all foot pain to be practically the same however there is more to it. In fact, there are two basic kinds of heel pain: pain in the heel of foot or the sole of your foot and pain you sense at the back of the heel or heel bone pain. So which is it?

The load and tissue problem

Only a certified podiatrist will be able to tell you what may exactly cause the pain in your heels but it is a known fact that heel related pain is frequently caused due to Plantar Fasciitis which affects the bottom of the heel. It arises from the plantar fascia which is a large ligament extending from the heel to the toes and essentially supports the entire arch. When this ligament gets inflamed and irritated, we refer to this symptom as plantar fasciitis. If you are actually suffering from plantar fasciitis, the pain in your heel is worse when you first get out of bed in the morning or get up after a period of rest to perform rigorous activities.

Injured the Tendon?

If the pain you feel is on the back of the heel then it might be the second form of heel pain which is Achilles Tendonitis. The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. This particular tendon is the largest in our body and when overused or under too much stress, it becomes inflamed and painful. Like Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis can also heal on its own with rest, but if it doesn’t then you need to go for a doctor consultation.

In a vast number of cases, Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis tends to get resolved with conservative care without surgical intervention. Here are some primary tips for heel pain cure that a podiatrist may suggest:

Physical Therapies and stretches:

Sometimes tight calf muscles can trigger plantar fasciitis. If you feel your calf muscles are tight and movement around your calf is uncomfortable then you must be provided with a list of stretches. This will increase your flexibility and ease your leg muscles. If this therapy does not work after continuing for a week, an ankle splint might help you with heel pain relief.

Opt for better Footwear:

Shoes that you wear on a daily basis affects the health of your feet largely. Hence it becomes imperative that you wear orthopaedic footwear with a good arch support and to avoid spending time barefoot.

Custom Orthotics/Insoles:

When inserts are specifically designed and created to suit your feet it helps you recover faster. The clinical treatment behind Custom Insoles is completely based on the study of your foot problems and you can choose exactly what complements your lifestyle.

Application of Ice Packs:

Heel pain remedies include ice since it acts as an anti-inflammatory to help with swelling and also reduces immediate pain. The painful bottom half of the heel, as well as the inflamed tendon, can both be pacified with some ice packs for the time being while you consider visiting a podiatric clinic.

The little pleasures of life are all about having a fulfilling day at work and that evening stroll in the park. Don’t miss out on it and get that nagging foot pain checked.


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