How to Cure the Flat Foot Condition

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How to Cure the Flat Foot Condition

how to cure flat foot

An adult foot typically has an upward curve in the middle called the arch.  Tendons that are snugged bands attaching the heel and foot bones form this arch. Several tendons in our foot and lower leg work together to form the arches. Pes planus or flat foot is a common deformity that takes place when this arch collapses and comes into near-complete ground contact. However, the arch usually matures and expands in size as a person grows older. Flat foot are common in children and are termed Paediatric Flat Foot.

Reasons for Flat Foot

Flat foot is typically allied with unwarranted pronation of the foot. In case of normal pronation, the foot spools evenly from heel to toe. But in case of an over-pronation, the arch inclines downward and inward, as the foot touches the ground. Hence flat foot absorbs less thrust. It puts a perennial pressure on the foot, ankles and knees.

Flat foot disadvantages have quite a few reasons ranging from genetic imbalance to growth issues. Flat foot can occur by birth, by stretched or injured tendons, bone dislocation, arthritis or nerve ailments. Other external factors like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, gestational hormonal imbalance, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and ageing can cause flat foot symptoms in people.

Symptoms of Flat Foot

Generally, most people with flat foot live their lives pretty normally, without any irregularities. Those who experience pain, usually have it in the mid-foot region. It tends to intensify with activity and might be conveyed by swelling along the inner ankle and arch. Hip, knee, and lower back pain are also common due to the instability of posture. It can affect the walking stance to a characteristic flat foot pace.

Treatment of Flat Foot

Treatment of flat foot can differ based on age. Flat foot in children can often be sorted out without medical involvement. They usually develop arches by adolescence or early adulthood. Current research has shown that the use of orthotic support in curing flat foot in children is rarely beneficial. In the case of children with congenital foot deformities, surgery can be an optional treatment.

However, fallen arches in adults tend to be lasting and non-reversible. A podiatrist or a foot specialist can diagnose a flat f00t by some basic visual examinations. Then comes the X-ray, ultrasound, CT scans, and pressure pad scans People often use over-the-counter pain reliever pills to get over, but it is never a permanent solution. Non-surgical treatment of flat feet should include exercises, therapeutic massages and foot gymnastics.

Flat Feet Insoles

An insole is a removable sole bought over the counter to make the shoe a perfect fit. It is important to select an insole that provides the right amount of edifice, elasticity and stability. Proper cushioning for shock absorption is also essential. The insole padding must be springy and supportive and should not flatten after a few uses. Lack of shock absorption can cause a great deal of pain in the lower back and the joints. These custom-made insoles slipped in the pair of shoes are a much less expensive option for adult flat foot cure. While investing in a shoe, it is always imperative to go for absolute custom-made insoles. We can put our attention to choosing one that helps stability, motion control and comfort.



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