How to Deal with Painful Calcaneal Spur

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December 4, 2019
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How to Deal with Painful Calcaneal Spur

calcaneal spur

‘Putting your best foot forward’ becomes difficult when you experience a painful calcaneal spur. Calcaneal spur also commonly referred to as the heel spur is a bony outgrowth at the bottom of the heel, directed towards the arch of your foot.

This condition occurs with plantar fasciitis — a condition that causes inflammation across the bottom of your feet, especially the heel. But these effective remedies can help keep the heel spur at bay, or at least give you the much-needed relief from the pain caused by the Calcaneal spur.


Flex your Foot: Sit cross-legged, take your toe and pull it towards your chest. Stay in this position 30 seconds. Repeat this stretch 5 times on each foot.

Cold Compress: Relieve your inflamed heel tissue with cold compression. Get cold compression and leave it on your feet for 10 minutes and repeat this process on an hourly basis.

Over-the-counter Drugs: When nothing works, OTC medicines can be effective in relieving the pain and discomfort that you feel on your heel.

Cryoultrasound Therapy: This treatment is a combination of electromagnetic energy and cold therapy. Cryoultrasound therapy is an effective option for people with plantar fasciitis who have heel spurs.

Shoes & Custom Orthotics: We often underestimate the comfort that well-fitting shoes offer when it comes to calcaneal spur. Here are some options:

  1. Firm heel support: The backside of the shoe should be firm and support your heel. Also, having a customized insole can prevent your feet from getting hurt.
  2. Enhanced flexibility: The right shoe for the heel spur shouldn’t be very flexible. However, your shoe should have a gradual bend that has some resistance
  3. Elevated heel: A heel insert or an insole that has an elevated heel can take the pressure off your feet
  4. Customization: For those who don’t want readymade shoes, custom orthotics can be a great option. They offer extra heel support by preventing your foot from rolling

While you keep track of your wellness, why overlook the essential aspect, which is your foot? Foot wellness is as important as the other parts of your body. Calcaneal spur or heel spur can be painful if not take care of and treated at the right time. Try the above-mentioned remedies and we’re sure that your feet will feel relieved. If it’s severe, then it’s always ideal to immediately consult the foot care specialist.

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