Important Tips to Keep In Mind for Your Swollen Feet during Travel

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Important Tips to Keep In Mind for Your Swollen Feet during Travel

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“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

But one thing that doesn’t escape us while travelling is swollen feet. When you’re travelling by flight, it can be a tedious job. Be it long check-in queues, security check-ins, and a few hours of no activity of the feet can lead to swelling. Foot pain at such times is common and you need to ensure that foot care is a vital part of your travel.

When you’re travelling, you need feet to be fine because you want to explore new places and destinations. This cannot happen when feet are swollen and you cannot move from one place to the other in a free manner. While travelling, give your feet the proper care and management through these ways and you can relieve your feet off any pain.

What are the most effective ways to relieve Swollen Feet and Ankles?

Elevate your legs: When you’re travelling, either by train, plane or bus, it’s not just you who’s sitting, it’s also your feet. Your feet go off to sleep due to sitting for too long. Hence, it’s better to fold your legs and sit on your seat for some time. This way, your blood starts flowing freely once again.

Keep yourself hydrated: This doesn’t mean that you opt for in-flight soft drinks or alcohol. Have water at every interval to remove the excess toxins that get accumulated in your body and promote great blood circulation. The excessive toxins in the body can cause foot pain, swollen feet.

Exercise your feet at regular intervals: Whenever you feel like your feet are numb and swollen, small exercises may help your feet recover. Rotate your ankles and feet in one direction and then the other. Try a ‘seesaw’ movement of the heel and feet, which can give your feet the much-needed relief.

Stay fashion conscious about your feet: Opt for compression stockings that take care of the pressure surrounding your feet and ankles while you’re travelling. This promotes good blood circulation and refrains your feet from developing any swelling.

Things that you can do once you’re done travelling

Here’s are the things you can do when you’re travelling is just done and you need to relax your feet.

  • Go for a brisk walk: Walking helps in stimulating the blood flow and releases any fluid that’s built up on your feet. Walk for a while, do some leg stretches to curb that heaviness off of your feet.
  • Treat your feet to cold, cool water: Rinse your feet in cold water thoroughly, which gets your veins to contract, strengthens them, and reduces swelling that’s caused due to too much travelling. This will give you a good night’s sleep.
  • Opt for a soothing pedicure: Go for a pedicure that releases any fluid build-up, promotes healthy blood flow and gives your feet and ankles relaxation.

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