Top 11 Foot Facts and Figures

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Top 11 Foot Facts and Figures

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The foot bears the brunt of the whole weight of one’s body. It happens to be one of the most overworked parts of the human body.

Let us take a look at 11 of the most amazing facts and figures about a human foot,

1. One-Fourth of Body’s Bones Exist In The Feet:

There are 26 bones in each human foot. So, overall there are 52 bones in the feet, out of the total 206 bones in the body.

2. Wearing A Heel Can Increase Load On The Forefeet:

We all know that foot carries the weight of the whole body. Now surprisingly, this load becomes greater on the forefoot by 75% if one wears a 2.5-inch high heel.

3. Human Beings Lose Significant Amount Of Sweat From The Feet:

A pair of human feet contains around 250,000 sweat glands. These sweat glands excrete as much as half a pint of moisture every single day. Half a pint of moisture comes to around 236 ml.

4. Foot Is One Of The Most Sensitive Parts Of The Body:

One’s foot happens to be one of the most ticklish or sensitive parts of the body. Human beings have almost 8000 nerves in their feet and the majority of the nerve endings close to the skin. Reduced levels of sensitivity can indicate peripheral neuropathy.

5. Numbness In The Foot Can Create Major Problems For Patients Suffering From Diabetes:

If foot becomes numb, then that condition can create a lot of trouble for diabetic patients. One of the major complications, which these people can come across include serious skin ulcers.

6. Thick Skin On The Sole Of One’s Feet:

The skin that lies on the soles of the feet happens to be much thicker than it is anywhere else on the body.

7. There Are Times When Half Of The Body Weight Is Borne By The Foot:

Whenever a human being lifts his or her heel off the ground while walking, it forces the toes to bear half of that individual’s body weight.

8. Feet Of The Human Beings Act As Mirror For Their General Health:

Different conditions like diabetes, arthritis and neurological disorders can show up their early symptoms in the feet. So, it is important to treat foot ailments with care.

9. Walking Barefoot Can Lead To Small Growths On The Feet:

If an individual walks barefoot, then that can result in causing Plantar Warts. These are small growths that appear on the heels of one’s feet.

10. Slow Growth Of Toenails:

Fingernails tend to grow much faster than toenails.

11. Walking Helps In Dealing With Many Problems Related To Foot:

Walking is the most ideal exercise for one’s feet. It helps to get overall exercise for one’s body, aiding in blood circulation and burning of calories.

So, we have discussed 11 major facts and figures related to the foot. Each point has been talked about at length in order to get a better view of one of the most important body parts of human beings.

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