What Kind of Shoes you should Wear for Standing all day

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April 2, 2021
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What Kind of Shoes you should Wear for Standing all day

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Are you in a profession that compels you to run around here and there, or stand for long hours? If yes, you must already have come across the hassle of having to be on your feet through the day, or night. More often than not, you will find the that lower portion of your body is almost giving up, ever exhausted. This keeps adding to the stress and eventually worsens your condition in general.

As per Howard Friedman, a very successful, and we’ll known podiatrist based out of New York, there are several shoes that one can opt for in order to have a healthier life, however, he recommends the following:

  • Clogs: Clogs are one of the most opted kinds of shoes for the aforementioned purposes. Most Podiatrists opine that clogs are the best for the wide toe box. This toe box takes you a step closer to accommodate your feet based on their natural expansion, as the day goes by. Furthermore, they are generally lightweight, which substantially contributes to reducing stress and allowing you to take all the extra miles. As they are slip-resistant, they can also cover you from running into undesired accidents. Here are some reasons why Clogs are known as Doctor’s favorites.


  • Sneakers: As you, all must be aware already, Sneakers are the best unisex option available in the market for individuals whose professions involve having to run around, or stand for long hours. They have a decent amount of cushioning, to begin with. This underfoot cushioning makes it possible for the users to accommodate all the strain without directly feeling it. Furthermore, the heel-to-toe transformation, in the case of sneakers is generally smooth. It is substantially lightweight despite the cushioning, which makes it all the more appealing, and a popular choice among working individuals.

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  • Slip-Ons: Nurses at work need to battle a number of stress factors, and it will only be sensible to subtract one from them. Keeping especially the nurses on focus, the Slip-Ons do a fine job. They are particularly famous for possessing very lightweight rubber soles. These prevent individuals from slipping on the floor, and meeting with undue accidents. Furthermore, the presence of the shanks contributes to gaining better stability. In most cases, they are also stain-resistant and helps you avoid mess. Here is why the Nurse Community merrily goes for this option.

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Here are three kinds of shoes generally recommended by Podiatrists around the world. As you stay out of the house for the most part of the day, it is your responsibility to take sufficient care of your feet, for those keep you going, always. We hope you will prioritize your health, and take your pick wisely. Good luck!

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