Wrong Foot: The Challenges of Kabaddi

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Wrong Foot: The Challenges of Kabaddi


Kabaddi is an indigenous sport, played between two teams of seven players. The objective of the game is that one team member has to raid into the opposition’s camp and that member is known as the raider. He needs to tag out as many of their defenders as possible and come back to his team’s half of the court. This has to be done without him getting tackled by the defenders and at one go. It is a sport that requires a lot of body contact. Due to this reason, kabaddi players are always prone to suffering from injuries, especially foot problems.

Foot-Related Issues Faced By Kabaddi Players

Kabaddi is a culturally rich sport and one of the oldest sports in India. As the game involves a lot of physical contacts, hence players need to attain the utmost level of fitness and stamina to sustain the pressure.

Now, even if players do manage to remain fit and develop the level of stamina required in Kabaddi, foot-related injuries are quite a common occurrence among players. Teams have a whole group of psychologists, sports physiotherapists and doctors, who work behind the scenes to make sure that the players remain in the best of health and thus give their best performance on the field.

Still, there are certain injuries, which Kabaddi players can never prevent them from hitting them hard.

  • Foot Contusion:

This particular issue with the foot is quite common among Kabaddi players. Foot Contusion is nothing but a bruise. Players suffer from swelling, which is accompanied by bleeding that takes place under their skin. This wrong foot condition does not result in fracture and takes a few days to a few weeks to recover.

  • Abrasion:

Abrasion refers to the condition where there is a partial thickness wound caused by damage to the skin. Kabaddi players, while playing the game often fall on the hard mat surface, thus resulting in the outer layers of the skin to rub off. They tend to scrape their skin or ankle.

  • Traction Injury:

This is an injury that occurs to the ankle or knee joint of Kabaddi players, which leads to sprain in their ligaments or muscle strain. It occurs when defenders look to prevent the raider from going back to the middle by holding on to his leg or ankle.

  • Ankle Injury:

Ankle happens to be one of the most common injury points in one’s foot, which players suffer from while playing all kinds of sports. The kind of physical contact that is involved in the game of kabaddi, any player can injure his ankle at any moment. Usually, players can suffer from two types of ankle injuries, which include Ankle Sprain and Ankle Fracture.

So, we have discussed the kinds of foot injuries kabaddi players can suffer from while playing this body contact game. It clearly shows the importance of keep one’s foot health in proper shape, which calls for a timely intervention from the sports physiotherapists.

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